Computer Lab Rules & Regulations Essay

Computer Lab Rules & Regulations Electronic workstations may only be used by current Swinburne University students and staffs. Swinburne identity card must be presented on request. Swinburne computing facilities should only be used for educational, research and administrative purposes of Swinburne. All other uses are strictly prohibited. The following rules and terms apply to all computers on campus. Terms and Conditions 1. All users must abide by the license requirements of any software or resources being used on the computer workstations. 2.

The following activities are strictly prohibited and are deemed as a criminal offence : o Unless otherwise permitted by the Copyright Act, unauthorized copying, downloading or public performance of works or audiovisual material. This includes MP3, OGG, WMV, AVI, RM, MOV, MPEG files etc. o Removal and/or of computer workstations including its peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and monitor. o Causing damage to the computer workstation including its peripherals. o Altering of software settings and/or intentional introduction of malicious software in order to circumvent network security. Installation of pirated and/or unauthorised software on the workstations. 1 Unauthorized and illegal copying of any licensed software. 3. Students must also abide by other rules and regulations shown on booking sheets, computer screens, and notices near the workstations or on the wall. 4. You need to have a current student ID or staff ID to use the computer labs. 5. You may only install academic related software (Non-Pirated) on the computer’s hard drive while you are using the lab, but it MUST be removed when you leave.

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Your data should be saved on a Floppy disk, Handy drive or on your Home drive–not on the computer’s hard drive. 6. The computer lab is provided as a service to the students to enhance and further education. You may not use the computer lab facilities for personal gain. 7. The downloading of unrelated academic materials is strictly prohibited on the campus network as it uses much of the bandwidth capacity, thus slowing down all internet access. 8. Management is not responsible for any loss of data or personal belongings regardless of the cause. 9.

Two Hours Usage Rule: When the lab is full and students are waiting for a PC, the two hour rule will apply. Students will be limited to 2 hours on the PC per session. Lab Rules & Regulations 10. No moving or unplugging of any equipment in the labs. 11. No offensive and scantily clad pictures. 12. No pornographic pictures. 13. No littering. 14. No games (both computer and physical). 15. No internet chat (Chatting programs, including Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger, ICQ, IRC, etc). 16. No online streaming (Videos, MTVs, Radio, Music, etc). 17.

No downloading of materials such as software, songs, movies etc which are not for academic purposes. 18. No eating or drinking (All food and drink to be kept in bags, this include candies and snacks etc). 19. No smoking. No Cell Phone use in the lab. 20. No sitting/ putting feet on table benches. 21. No moving or unplugging of any equipment in the Labs 22. No socializing or group discussion not directly related to computer laboratory work. 23. No visiting while in the lab. If a student must talk with another student they should have their conversation outside the Computer Lab. Kind Reminders Please do not UNPLUG the Network Cable or Power Cable from the workstation. This will ensure the smooth operation of the computer workstation. • Please keep the noise level low. Library environment is to be maintained. • Please be reminded to scan your handy drive before use to reduce the risk of any virus outbreak. • Please place all books, bags and heavy items on the floor next to your computer workstation. This will prevent inadvertent damage to computer equipment. • Keep an eye out for your valuables at all times. Do not ask another individual to be responsible for watching your valuables for you.

If you must leave the computer lab for any reason, please take your purse/wallet and valuables with you. • Students are reminded that once they have completed their work in the computer lab, they should clean up their area and push their chair directly underneath their workstation. Be sure that you have exited the program properly. • Please remember that the Open Lab is under CCTV surveillance. • Swinburne Sarawak IT & Technical Services will not be held responsible for any misuse or misconduct that may cause the loss of data, properties or any injuries (Mental and Physical).

We will also not be held responsible for any unlawful activities such as hacking, virus distribution which relevant authorities may take action against. YOUR KIND CO-OPERATION IS MUCH APPRECIATED. Warning • Anyone found in breach of these rules will be removed from the lab and will face disciplinary action. • Any acts of vandalism or theft will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. • Do not enter or use the Lab or PCs if you disagree with the policies stated above. IT & Technical Services Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus) Room: IT & Technical Services Email: [email protected] edu. my Tel: 416353 ext 5000


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