Competitive experience. Flight Tracker EasyJet became the

Competitive Advantage Case Study –

EasyJet is a low-cost air carrier that is based in United
Kingdom. It was founded by Clelia Haji-Ioannou, in March 1995.The airline
operates using its route network segment (Reuters,n.d.). It operates short-haul
flights across Europe. The airline flies over 820 routes across 30 countries.
Currently, it has about 250 Airbus aircrafts that are in operation. EasyJet has
several company bases that are located in various countries in Europe. The
bases include United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Barcelona and more.

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Competitive Advantage

the years, EasyJet has successfully competitive advantage by making use of
information technology in order to make travelling simpler and affordable for
its customers in its long-term plan. EasyJet have been digitally innovative in
order to reduce disruptions and increasing its operational efficiency. During
the last 5 years, the airline has made transformations to the airline and its
customers’ travel experience.

Mobile App

award winning mobile app enables its passengers to book and check-in flights. They
can also receive real-time information on their flight status. In 2013, the
airline had added a mobile-boarding function to the mobile app. This function
will let its customers to check in their flight in less than 10 seconds
(EasyJet,n.d.). Thus, passengers are able to download their mobile   boarding
passes and store them in their mobile phones. To add on, the app also has
Apple’s popular Passbook functionality. This functionality allows its
passengers to store their boarding passes with ease. The app has been
downloaded for 18.3 million times, showing an increase of 30% compared to last
year. Therefore, EasyJet’s mobile app has definitely make it
much more convenient for its customers to fly with them and improves customer



EasyJet became the first airline in the world to partner
with Flightradar24.The purpose of the partnership is to integrate live flight
tracking with its mobile app. Hence, this would mean that EasyJet’s passengers
are able to watch exact locations of the aircraft that they will be flying in,
up to three hours before flight departure (EasyJet,n.d.).

Apple Pay

EasyJet is one of the first airlines in
Europe to be offering Apple Pay. After making flight booking, customers can
simply use Apple Pay to make their payment (,2016).
After booking, customers can simply choose the credit card of their choice to
pay and authorize a secure payment. Hence a secure payment is made using the fingerprint
recognition on their mobile phones. Hence, this helps to speed up the payment
process for the customers.

Bag Drop

EasyJet had introduced fully-automated bag
drop machines at most of its check-in counters in airports. This avoids
customers from having to queue for a long time before checking-in and dropping their
luggage. Therefore, queueing times have been reduced by about half. It is also
estimated that most passengers will now have to queue less than five minutes at
the bag drop. Overall, this machine helps passengers to save time and makes
check-in process smoother.

Future Plans

EasyJet is also exploring
various opportunities in order to operate their bussiness more efficiently and
attract more customer loyalty in the future.

3D Augmented reality

EasyJet is looking at deploying a 3D Virtual Reality and
Augmented Reality technology in the future. This technology will enable remote
engineering team to view what a flight crew or flight engineer is viewing, using
virtual reality glasses. Glasses will adopt the world’s first high definition
see-through display system (EasyJet,n.d.). Hence, augmented reality is provided,
thus assisting the flight engineers to diagnose a technical problem from a distance
away. Therefore, this technology will certainly be beneficial for some of EasyJet’s
remote airports across its flight network.

Inflight Monitoring and Prognosis

EasyJet is partnering with FlightWatching to
install a sophisticated early fault prognosis tool. The function of this tool
is to provide its operations and engineering employees with live updates coming
straight from flying aircraft. The system is a web-based software system from
FlightWatching. It is called WILCO.WILCO is capable of receiving real-time
information from the aircraft messaging system. Hence, data is then converted
into an animated schematic which could be used to predict any potential
technical issues (EasyJet,n.d.). Hence, the airline’s ground engineers are able
to start an investigation as early as possible. They also could make sure that
the correct engineering parts are available for maintenance work as soon as the
aircraft lands at the airport. Therefore, this tool will improve the operational
efficiency for employees who are working in the aircraft maintenance

In conclusion, EasyJet has successfully
gain competitive advantage by making full use of its information technology
capabilities. By being digitally innovative, the airline has established a key
point of differentiation from its competitors. Its mobile app and other technological
enhancements like Apple Pay and auto bag drop helps to improve customer
experience. Not only that, it also helps to foster customer loyalty for EasyJet
as well. Its inflight Monitoring and Prognosis will help to increase the
operational efficiency in its maintenance department. In order to stay
competitive, the airline is constantly exploring various sophisticated
technologies in order to serve its customers with a better travel experience. Overall,
EasyJet continues to invest in its digital capability, in order to improve its
digital customer interface in the future.





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