Competency statement Essay

In 1996 I graduated from Michigan City High School in Michigan City. IN. After graduation I was non able to travel right away to college since I was a adolescent female parent. So. alternatively I instantly began working for a vesture shop named Ms. D’s Merchandise. There I was responsible for finding selling schemes. informing clients about new and incoming ware. explicating monetary values. and keeping shop staff. Working for a little concern I was able to get client service accomplishments. tactfully cover with clients. numeracy. enterprise. ability to work under force per unit area. and cultural consciousness. Those accomplishments prepared me for the many of the experiences that I would meet at other occupations. After working at that place for approximately 8 months I decided to seek something new. I began working at the Life Care Center. a nursing place. There I was a full-time dietetic adjutant. adjunct cook. and caput cook. I was an employee at that place for two old ages. My duties were fixing nutrient points and piecing ready nutrients for patient trays. puting tabular arraies for the aged. keeping the kitchen country. guaranting proper preparation/portioning/determining quality of nutrient. and oversing dietetic Plutos.

As you know working in this type of atmosphere struggles may originate. May it be errors made by kitchen staff. staff unsated with hours available or merely employees being angry about remaining over when others arrive tardily for their displacement. These all require some degree of self-asserting struggle declaration accomplishments. Reacting to the demands of your staff in a timely mode. actively listening. staying composure and carnival at all times worked good in this type of atmosphere. Following. in August of 1998 I began working for the province as a correctional officer at the Indiana State Prison. Since I worked in a client service puting. I learned from anterior experience how to decide struggles in the workplace in many ways. This experience formed the foundation for many enterprises in the hereafter. There. I was responsible for the safety and security of wrongdoers. instruct inmates and maintain records of wrongdoer motion. look into inmate for possible contraband. do periodic patrols of quarters and work countries. novice count. and be familiar with day-to-day operation of each assignment. Working in a controlled scene staff must work together to cut down struggle among wrongdoers every bit good as each other. Personal reading plays a immense function in struggle within this installation.

Each twelvemonth the staff received 16 hours of in-service preparation covering subjects like ego defence. self control. and how to keep state of affairss and derive control. Bringing everyone together was the end since there were many factors dividing the civilization ; like rank. gender. profession. and cultural groups. Besides. documenting day-to-day motion and activities reduced struggle every bit good. Chiefly because documenting helps to avoid any legal action or differences of opinion. On one juncture I was given an assigned to work in a tower with no heat for several hebdomads. The control officer had a history of partly make his occupation. I turned in several work orders to turn to the heat issue and I besides wrote him up for failure to inspect the towers before delegating them. Since he and I could non decide the issue I utilized the concatenation of bid and went to his supervisor. The supervisor instantly resolved the heat and scheduling issue. In 2001 I became interested in being a hair stylist. I knew populating in Michigan City would non let me to derive fiscal stableness since it was such a little topographic point. So I moved to Indianapolis. After researching the cosmetology schools in Indianapolis I decided to go to Kayes’ School of Cosmetology. There I received a sheepskin for cosmetology. esthetics. and manicuring in 2004. After graduation I was hired by The Elizabeth Arden Salon. they hired me as a manicurist/hair.

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What is struggle? Webster’s Dictionary ( Merriam-Webster. 1983 ) defines struggle as crisp dissension or resistance of involvement or thoughts. In other words. what I want does non fit what you want. or could it be that you are so much alike that you can’t hold on anything? Harmonizing to David Hardcastle. Professor of Social Service Administration at the University of Maryland in Baltimore ( Hardcastle. 2004 ) . colleagues who get on one another nervousnesss. don’t clang with everyone at the office. merely the 1s they’re most similar. To detect why struggle occurs. Dr. Hardcastle conducted a study of features of colleagues that frequently have differences with others in the workplace. In decision. he found that employees that don’t acquire along are normally more likewise than different and that all struggles at some degree. since people perceive that these are incompatible ends held by at least 2 people who are interfering with what the other individual wants. Harmonizing to ( Bell & A ; Daly. 1984 ) . before a struggle is carried excessively far. people frequently assure each other that they want the same thing or that they are headed in the same way. This may be because both parties are seeking to happen common land. However. in true struggle people non merely want different things but believe that another is interfering with their end attainment. Here are some nucleus issues that arise in many struggles:

· Self-esteem underlies all struggles
In every struggle. someone’s sense of ego is at interest.

· People engage in struggle when they feel demeaned. when they try to recover a sense of being a good individual and when they’re pain from a old battle. Many people are non interested in winning or losing ; they merely need to experience better about themselves.

· The most important struggle is when person feels as though their being taken advantage of. This can happen when dedication and committedness cause an person to work subsequently hours. but so they are non compensated for it.

· Last. struggle can happen when the employee has unrealistic outlooks of what their place entails. or of being misunderstood in the workplace. Dr. Tony Fiore mentioned in an article ( Fiore. T. 1999. Business know how. several stairss a director can take to cut down workplace struggle. You will happen them listed below:

1 ) Directors should concentrate on communicating accomplishments. both in footings of how they communicate and how they are learning their employees to pass on with each other. This would include utilizing I statements alternatively of you linguistic communication.

2 ) Managers need to increase their listening accomplishments. Active listening involves things like seeking to understand what the person is stating. repetition it for lucidity and so allow pass oning to them that you did so understand what they said.

3 ) Establish healthy boundaries. without boundaries. there will be conflict and bickers. power battles and all sorts of fortunes. Try being more empathic and compassionate toward your employees or colleagues. without traversing the lines of being their friend.

4 ) Emotional intelligence. develop accomplishments to be more effectual. by learning people to unite both intelligence and emotions in the workplace.

5 ) Last. put up behavioural effects to be used with genuinely uncooperative employees who are unwilling to alter. This means explicating outlooks to the employee and the result if the debatable behaviour continues. Rosemary McCaslin a professor of Social Work at California State University San Bernardino believes in affecting the office veterans to help with the mediation procedure. Bing the seasoned employee. they are normally looked at as the wise mans and are able to explicate the workplace outlooks to all parties involved. By using this procedure. you are able to decide struggles before they escalate. Speak to all parties involved in the struggle. This can frequently provide the penetration you need in respects to the difference. You besides ask others that are familiar with their characters and wonts to assist give you visualise the full image. Finding out what each party wants and what their ends are can besides give you the full image of what caused the difference and how this struggle can be resolved. Helping them to understand one another can relieve some of the tenseness. A careful analysis of other people’s involvement and values. every bit good as your ain. will necessitate empathic hearing and respectful speech production. Together. when people use duologue to speak with each other. they will detect new thoughts. new possibilities and new possible solutions to make a better working environment.


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