Comparison Between the End of East and Field of Dreams (Archetypes) Essay

The Rebel Archetype Looking at the past up until the modern era, one will notice the same figure appearing in many different types of works. The rebel archetype is an example of one of these figures. In the novel the end of east, by Jen Sookfong Lee, and the movie Field of Dreams, directed by Phil Alden Robinson, the growing rift between a father and son is a crucial component to the story. As seen in Pon Man’s and Ray Kinsella’s rebellious ways, the writers of both works show how forcing responsibilities and expectations on a child will eventually lead to rebellion.

When a father truly loves his son, he wants what is best for him so the child can live a happy and prosper life. However, without being able to comprehend his son’s feelings, a father’s love can become like poison that result in the son’s refusal to obey the rules. In the end of east, the readers see how Pon Man’s disobedience to his father, Seid Quan, results in them drifting further and further away from each other. In fact, Seid Quan’s blindness towards his son’s feelings is what causes Pon Man to break the rules which only enlarges the gap between them.

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As a way to have him more involved in the community, Mr. Wong offers Pon Man to join his son’s basketball team. However, Seid Quan quickly answers for his son saying “ ‘he wouldn’t want to have to barge in like that. They probably don’t have a spot for him anyway’ ” (Lee 79). Seid Quan does not want Pon Man to be influenced by the negativity of the boys in Chinatown. He wants his son to succeed and the only way to see it happen is if Pon Man is serious in everything he does.

Seid Quan pushes the image of being a good Chinese boy onto Pon Man and expects him to take over the barbershop. Unfortunately, Pon Man views his father’s behavior as being a controlling parent and decides to fight back. As a sign of his rebellion, Pon Man “wants to punch him [Seid Quan] in the back of the head or yell at him until he crumples into a ball of splintered bones”(89) when his father talks about his marriage. Pon Man is also later shown with “his hand up Wanda’s skirt” (89): a girl Seid Quan completely disapproves of.

As the story progresses, the reader can see how easily the relationship between a parent and child is breached due to the child’s rebellious ways, which is ignited by the parent. Similarly, viewers see how yet another hole is created between a father and son in the movie Field of dreams. In the film Field of Dreams, John Kinsella tries his best to give his son, Ray Kinsella, a successful career in baseball which he failed to have. Unlike other children who have their favourite bedtime stories read to them, John tells his son all about famous baseball players.

However, by the time he turns ten “ ‘playing baseball got to be like eating vegetables or taking out the garbage. So when I was fourteen, I started to refuse. ’ ” (Robinson). As a young teenage boy, there are many things Ray wants to do in life but he is held back by his father who expects Ray to become a professional baseball player. Ray’s responsibilities of being a good son forces him to rebel against his own father by saying “ ‘I could never respect a man whose hero was a criminal’ ” (Robinson), even though Ray knows that his father’s hero, Shoeless Joe Jackson, is not actually a criminal.

In the end, Ray leaves his father all together and their father son bond tears apart. Overall, Ray’s harsh actions are triggered by John, which results in Ray going against him. Through Pon Man and Ray Kinsella’s rebellion, the writers of the end of east and Field of Dreams demonstrate how a child begins to rebel when they are placed in a position they dislike. This archetype is known as the rebel and it is seen in not only these two works but in many others as well. Throughout time, media has publicized the rebel archetype in many different forms.

Unfortunately, people choose not to pay attention, even though the message is crystal clear. Even today, the world continues to use the rebel as a model to show the viewers that fighting for nonsensical reasons can cause dire consequences. Work Cited Book Lee, Jen Sookfong. the end of east. New York: Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, 2008. Print. Movie Field of Dreams. Dir. Phil Alden Robinson. Perf. Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones. Universal City Studios, 1998.


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