Compare Throne of Fire and Lightning Thief Essay

The Throne of Fire and The Lightning Thief There are many similarities and differences between “The Throne of Fire” and “The Lightning Thief”. Both books are written by the author Rick Reardon. In both books are filled with a lot of action and adventure which is what makes the authors’ books such a great read. The author loves the study of mythology which can be assumed as both of the books are based on a cultures mythology.

The two books are very similar because they both highlight the main characters which are children in both books as he children or descendants of very important people in the respected cultures. For example, Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of water and earthquakes and because of this he is able to control water and cause minor earthquakes at his will. Carter and Sadie Kane are descendants of pharaohs that ruled over ancient Egypt, because of their special blood they are able to follow the teachings of a certain Egyptian god and learn the god’s powers.

Both of the books by the author are in the same genre, fantasy this is the category in which most of the authors books fall under. The author always makes the main characters stand outs, different or more special even from the other kids like them. An example of this is Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon one of the big three gods which is very unusual and not allowed as these children possess a lot more power than the children of other gods. Sadie and Carter Kane are not only the descendants from pharaohs but they also hosted gods inside their bodies and were able to use their power before and even after the gods left their bodies.

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The author develops the main characters of the stories very similarly. The author starts the main characters who are kids in both kooks unsuspecting living a generally normal life and then suddenly they find out that they aren’t like all the other kids. In both books the children have to go through an adventure to save the world. This is the type of style the author is accustomed to writing in and he is very good at developing the characters in this way. There are Just as many differences as similarities between the two books written by the author. There are a number of changes the author made between the two mythology book series.

In “The Throne of Fire” the point of view is constantly alternating between Sadie and Carter. In “The Lightning Thief” the entire series is written from the perspective of Percy Jackson, the main character. In addition to the changing perspectives in “The Throne of Fire” the main characters, Sadie and Carter are retelling the story of what happened after the events have already occurred. In “The Lightning Thief” Percy Jackson is telling the story as it happens. This adds an element of suspense that “The Throne of Fire” lacks because the characters are retelling the story we know that no matter what at the end of the story they are fine.

But in “The Lightning Thief” because the story and events are told as they happen the readers don’t know the outcome of the story. This aspect of the books makes “The Lightning Thief” more fun to read but the storyline of “The Throne of Fire” is Just as good as the other books written by the author. Though there are many similarities between the two book series written by the author there are also many differences to keep the two KICK series Trot Decoding salary Ana predictable I nee autumn makes changes between the books but keeps important things he his good at writing about the same like the amount of action and adventure in the books


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