Compare and Contrast – Poe and Bryson Essay

“The Tell-Tale Heart’’ is a horror story and psychological thriller told from a first- person perspective, written as a monologue. For example “You should have seen how wisely I proceeded”. It gives the reader an insight, usually only given to psychologists: the opportunity of studying a mind of a man, suffering from paranoia – from total insanity. Bryson?s story is also first person narrative, but with a greater outlook on the world in which he is in. For example “I trudged along the beach in the posture of someone shouldering a car up hill”.

This gives the reader, a better chance of imagine the scenario especially. He uses exaggeration, which makes it easier for the reader to get a mental picture of the scene. They both uses “the human” as a point of reference, in the sense of they both describe different behaviour in us as humans. Poe takes a stand in the sinister mind. For example “If still you think me mad, you will think so no longer when I describe the wise precautions I took”. You do not need to read many of Poe stories, to know that they are with most certainty of gothic descent.

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Just the composition: It’s nighttime, a violent murder is planned, mixed in with a madman that hears a gruesome noise. It does not become more gothic than that. Unlike Bryson who takes a stand in the events that could happens to all of us, in from of awkward situations. For example “In shame I sipped my tea and nibbled my biscuit”. Which makes for a more personal story, where there is room for a great deal of sarcasm, a more affectionate approach and he can use a metaphoric language, without it seeming strange or misplaced.

For example “He smacked me in the side of the head with a meaningful look… ”. Bryson also uses chatty language to make the audience at ease. For example “He had the inestimable pleasure of bonking twin sisters, which is the main thing” or even more personal and insightful, as only a friend would start a good conversation. “I remember finding myself…. ”. Poe wants to keep us on our toes and in a complete state of confusion, which he does oh so beautifully.

He uses short sentences as his own personal means, that effectively increases tension. For example “I foamed­I raved­I swore! ”. Poe is also a master of using repetitions. For example “I undid the lantern cautiously­oh, so cautiously ­cautiously…. ”. It definitely makes it more intriguing, and makes us want to keep on reading. These two authors are both really extraordinary in their individual way of writing. It is hard to pick a favourite between such refined minds as those two certainly are, but I would prefer Poe.

Mostly because he really does keep you alert, throughout the story. Where Bryson is more laid back. That you can only define as enjoyable reading, if you want a steady and jolly experience. While Poe is going to give you a hell ride in the twisted mind, of the humankind. I think that is what makes Poe stand out just a little bit more, than Bryson. To have the ability to look past the surroundings, focus on the mind and thoughts of an unstable human being. That said I do get the giggles, when Bryson uses his metaphoric phases.


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