Communication management Essay

            Communication remains to be an important factor in the facilitation of important processes in the realm of business. One important part of the communication method remains to be a vital component in ensuring the maintenance of professionalism and an effective business workflow – written communication. By ensuring that written communication is given and disseminated among the workforce effectively and efficiently, it can lead to improved transfer of information and better messaging practices.

            In management, I had learned that creating and sending messages in the workplace is inevitable and is part of its overall process. Moreover, imploring a particular written message to groups and individuals can cater various results depending on the manner it was conveyed and the tone. Since this type of communication is not actual or face-to-face interaction, composing such message requires careful attention so as to provide readers the real message that needs to be transmitted (Business Knowledge Source, 2003).  This is one step to consider in written communication in the workplace.

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            Another important consideration to look into when it comes to written communication is the message that you wish to convey to readers. For such document to be appropriate, one must take into consideration the message imparted to readers. Contrary to verbal communication; which is characterized by face-to-face interaction or voice conference, written communication seeks to portray more points to consider such as tone, choice of words and manner (Business Knowledge Source, 2003). Due to this, for one to portray an effective written communication skill, one must be able to express facts and ideas in a clear, convincing and organized manner.

            Also, one important thing that I had learned concerning written communication is that it can serve as a mirror towards the organization or company. Though there are various defining objectives and aims that determine the outlook of a particular company, the written messages given by the workforce can also be an important factor of its identity and image in the market (management-resource, 2002). Due to this, careful consideration must be given towards the exchange of messages among employees within and outside the organization. By doing this, the name of firm is protected and taken into consideration.

            One important thing to consider when composing written messages is to constantly check and proofread for possible errors. As much as possible, one must keep the message direct to the point and simple. “Delete any superfluous words and don’t ramble – just get your points across clearly and simply” (management-resource, 2002). By doing this, you can easily edit the message for errors and at the same time ensuring that the actual intention is imparted to readers.

            Furthermore, there are important aspects in writing efficient and effective messages which include the ability to actively adjust to the needs of the reader and at the same time determine which issues require verbal or written communication. The first facet deals with the capability to point out the relevant needs of the reader. By knowing who shall be the target audience of the letter, composing and proper word usage can be made. On the other hand, determining which issues need verbal or written communication must also be done. Since every incident requires a particular approach in handling, the person in-charge must decide on what appropriate measures must be made depending on the rules and regulations set by the organization.

            To conclude, written communication is one important approach towards enhancing processes within the organization. Moreover, it serves as an important avenue towards imparting messages and important developments. In the end, the recognition of written messages significance towards the workplace can be seen and contributes towards improvements between different departments and other organizations or companies.


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