Communication and Leadership Essay

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, is an excellent leader because of his powerful communication skills. Schultz began one of the world’s most widely recognized brands when he ventured to Italy and returned to the U. S. with a passion for the corner coffee bars he found in Milan. His passion and enthusiasm for his work is apparent in the messages he, as the sender, relays to his employees, the listeners. Howard Shultz creates a supportive climate for communication with his employees using empathy. His life experience allows him to identify with all of his employees on an emotional level.

Howard Schultz organized his company on the basis of two principles: strict standards for how coffee should be delivered to customers and a supportive and empowering attitude towards employees. After Shultz stepped down as chief executive of Starbucks the company began to plummet over eight years, leading Schultz to return to CEO seat and to restore the company he had built using democratic leadership skills. One of the greatest qualities Howard Schultz possesses as a leader is his ability to tell a captivating story. He often tells Starbucks’ employees about his impoverished childhood.

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Schultz’s father lost his job when he injured his ankle and the family was left without income, insurance, or a safety net. Because Schultz fell on poor economic times he is to empathize with his employees. As a strong leader one must appeal emotionally and logically to get the most out of his or her employees. People relate to stories because they can see themselves in the story teller’s shoes. Through his stories Schultz creates shared values between himself and his employees and inspires his employees to support his vision. A good leader must also have a passion for his work.

When a person is passionate about something it is apparent through their energy, enthusiasm and excitement when they speak about their passion. Schultz possesses all of these likeable qualities. Each time he speaks about the Starbucks Company he paints a vivid picture of his goal to create a sense of comfort and community at each of his establishments. Schultz’s persuasive communication skills help people to like him. The more people like you as a leader, the more likely they are to support your aspirations and to do business with you.

Howard Schultz is a democratic leader at Starbucks Company, referring to employees as “partners”. He communicates how he feels about the company, the mission and its values to all of his employees-baristas, customers, and investors. Starbucks preserves the rights of its employees through the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The EFCA proposes alternatives to workplace rules that balance rights and responsibilities equally between labor and management. Schultz makes his employees feel trusted by keeping them informed about everything that affects their work. He is provisional, genuinely searching for information, data, and feedback.

He is a leader that establishes cooperation, team spirit, and high morale within his company. The better the employees are treated, the better the employees will treat the customers. The CEO of Starbucks is well-known for his adept communication skills. Howard Schultz’s persuasive communication skills allow him to be liked by his employees (for his passion), to inspire his employees by painting a picture of a world made better by his company, and to get the most out of his employees by telling stories that appeal to their emotions and influence their decisions.

As a democratic leader, Schultz creates a workplace that treats people with dignity and respect. By keeping his employees informed they feel important to the company, which yields their cooperation and leads to a powerful and successful company. Through his powers of communication, Howard Schultz built a brand, became a thriving and well-liked leader and employer, and brought his company back from the brink of failure. The success of Starbucks is largely due to Howard Schultz’s powerful communication skills.


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