Communal Harmony Sample Essay

I think I must be really blunt in saying that I felt a drachm of reluctance when I came across this subject at first. To me it seemed that tonss of things have hitherto been written about this subject boulder clay day of the month and there is nil new to compose about this passe subject. But on 2nd idea I was haunted by my stabs of scruples. Truely a batch has been said about this subject but the inquiry remains as to whether this genre of Hagiographas has contributed to work outing of this looming dark cloud of baleful day of reckoning that soon hovers over our state at the micro degree and over the universe at the macro degree. But why are we rippling our plumes over such an issue? Why is it so relevant for our present times? Let us discourse.

As we all know the nucleus standard for a country’s national unity is its communal harmoniousness and particularly for a state like ours where tonss of people of different caste credo and faith live in unison. keeping a delicate balance amongst assorted such kaleidoscopic communities is the au naturel necessity for the smooth operation of our state. But is it non already good established in our state. otherwise how could it hold run for such a long period of clip? Well the affair is non so simple to pull a decision about. If we pan our vision we will see that at the nook and corners of our state are starting up some anti communal forces who work mutely. about unnoticeably. to interrupt the very unity of our state. They of class are masqueraded felons disguised as political leaders of god work forces. They percolate into the really cloth of the society and like malignant neoplastic disease spoil the really kernel of brotherhood the critical facet of national unity. They nevertheless evade the frailties of jurisprudence and go on to bust up mayhem. The consequence is really clear to us. Kashmir. Gujarat in India and the war between the Muslim states and the others are all due to communal inharmoniousness. But what is the solution to this menacing job?

Jawaharlal Nehru in his celebrated book. DISCOVERY OF INDIA mentioned that one must do the people of India at first think that they are American indians at the premier most and subsequently Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs so and merely so can we work towards communal harmoniousness. To accomplish this mark harmonizing to him one must do the people of the state literate extensively so that they shed their fleeceable nature and therefore do non go the victims of propaganda.

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The above treatment boils down to a decision that deficiency of equal information. zonary prejudice by governing parties. illiteracy. poorness and many other such causes are chiefly responsible for communal inharmoniousness. Therefore no sum of jurisprudence or military activities can control such societal debasement until and unless the affair is tackled from the roots. It is high clip that the think armored combat vehicles of our state and of the universe conveying their thoughts together and work in unison to deracinate the Satan from its roots.


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