Commentary on Wilfred Owen’s “Dulce Et Decorum Est” Essay

In this commentary. we will take a deep expression into this verse form that Wilfred Owen wrote. In the verse form. a group of soldiers are described. and their emotions. Using three steering inquiries. this will be an debut into the manner Owen writes his verse form. Answering these steering inquiries will give the reader the full bundle that the verse form has to offer. The first steering inquiry that is to be answered is: How are the feelings amongst the soldiers described? First of all. one can state the soldiers all feel as if they were lacerate apart. This is noteworthy in the manner the soldiers ‘cursed through sludge’ . and how the ‘men marched asleep’ .

Despite their weariness. the group of work forces still have a strong bond. as they did non believe merely of themselves while shouting ‘gas! GAS! Quick. male child! ’ . This explains they are prepared to portion their senses. and non maintain them to themselves merely. The bond between the soldiers is besides noteworthy when they all watch their mate easy die. while they can make nil about it. The manner the soldier feels while seeing his friend’s decease. makes him ( and likely his couples ) feel that deceasing for their state. and seeing others die. isn’t all that honorable. The 2nd facet of the verse form that needs to be looked at is the ambiance that the author calls up.

This ambiance can be described as a dynamic one. It goes from the grey and darker temper to a fast-paced 1. while stoping in the cheerless state of affairs of a friend’s decease. The grey and dark ambiance is found in the manner the soldiers ‘limped on. blood-shod’ through the land. The group was ‘drunk with weariness. ’ and didn’t have the energy to walk in a faster gait. In line 9 nevertheless. the temper displacements as the ‘green sea’ of gas approaches the soldiers. Described as an ‘ecstasy. ’ the work forces fought against the clip and set on their helmets every bit shortly as possible. to avoid decease.

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The verse form starts it’s dejecting atmosphere in line 15. where the soldiers behold the decease of their friend. They want to make anything to salvage him. but were hopeless. so they ‘flung him in’ the waggon. and watched ‘the white eyes wrestling in his face. ’ Owen leaves the reader with the same emotions the soldiers felt. the fact that they felt betrayed by their state. Last. a expression needs to be taken into the poetic devices in the verse form. and how they contribute to the message. The most noteworthy thing in this country is the manner Owen shocks the reader. The message itself describes ‘the old lie’ that deceasing for your state would be sweet and adjustment.

Owen wants the readers to understand how many people truly care for one soldier’s decease. In the last paragraph it’s about clearly stated how one would experience while deceasing for their state. The deceasing soldier go forthing behind ‘his hanging face. like a devil’s sick of sin’ would give an image of how he would be deceasing his painful decease. The reader could conceive of the hurting the soldier has. and how the other soldiers around him would experience. These three given replies on the guiding inquiries should give you a more in depth expression into the verse form. and give one apprehension to the inquiries the reader might hold himself.


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