Collage people Essay

All people no matter who they are and no matter if they realize it or not, surround themselves with people who act or think like them, this is because humans naturally want to interact with people who share the same ideas and beliefs as they do themselves. When interacting with new or different people it can cause one to have mixed feelings about the experience. The opinion about a new group can either be positive or negative but having the experience is important to be able to decide a reasonable Judgment about the unknown culture.

It’s amazing how someone can eve their life so close to a community but never come to understand what they are truly about. One Sunday I accidentally happened upon a service at my church which was the Nigerian mass. I was so shocked and didn’t know what to do. I decided to stay and see what the service was about because I was curious. Throughout the mass there were many different types of traditions that were unfamiliar to me.

They preformed many chants and had rain sticks and spoke in a language that I didn’t understand. Also the people in the church were people what I have never seen before. The entire room seemed like a foreign place. The environment was so unknown even if it was my church. I knew that the concept of the mass and service was the same a I was used to but the portrayal of the mass was so foreign to me that I felt like I had never experienced anything so strange in my life.

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I was so glad that I was introduced to this new and exciting culture because now I have a better understanding to what the Nigerian traditions are really about. When I first arrived at the service I was extremely skeptical to what I was going to experience and unsure if I was going to like it or not. In the end I am so glad that I went and now have a better insight into that new and exciting society that was once unfamiliar to me. L, like all people, intentionally want to be around people who look and act as I do.

This is partly because all people are afraid of change and the unsure news of the unknown. But by being in a situation that puts me out of my comfort zone I learned to experience something so new and different. I would not change this experience even if I could because I am so glad that I learned to appreciate something that was different from my day to day life and something that most people can’t say that they have seen or experienced.


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