Clothe of Nakedness Essay

Indiscipline among the youth can be defined as the repulsive or unpleasant individual behavior that is disapproved by the society. Below are the causes, effects and suggested solutions to save the nation from the danger. Causes The breakdown of traditional family life. This is one of the major factors that account for indiscipline among the youth in the society. The introduction of formal education has led to the breakdown of traditional family system and this breakdown has led to a situation where children are denied the training provided by members of the extended family.

The traditional controls and sanctions that regulates the behavior of children are absent on children whose parents have divorced or travelled. Peer group influence. This is another major cause of indiscipline; individuals can become indiscipline through peer pressure. This is becauseyouth learn a lot from their peers and as they will always want to be with their peers, they exercise more influence on them. Influence of the media As the youth are easily by things the see, hear, and read from the mass media, both electronic and print media, they tend to copy these things which leads to indiscipline.

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It is noted that individuals who are indiscipline become thieves, prostitutes and armed robbers because of the affluent lives that social misfits portray in the foreign movies that they watch. Exposure to foreign culture The youth also become indiscipline as a result of their exposure to western lifestyle through contacts and travels. It is noted that when the youth come into contact with foreigners who come into the country as tourist or travel abroad to meet these foreigners, they are influenced to copy their lifestyles.

They wear their dresses the way foreigners do, exposing vital parts of their body. Effects It leads to ostracism This is when individuals who are indiscipline are rejected by family members and friends because no one will like to associate himself with such person who is indiscipline. It leads to breakdown of law and order. Indiscipline leads to the breakdown of law and order because such people take the law into their own hands . The laws have been established to regulate the behavior of members of the society. It leads to strained family ties

Since being indiscipline is a disgrace to members of one family, this gives room for other people to say all sorts of bad things about the family, they may disown such person. No family member will be happy to associate with an indiscipline member of the family. Suggested solutions Efficient law enforcement systems To check indiscipline, the law enforcement agencies police, court and prisons should perform their duties effectively since indiscipline leads to deviant behaviors such as armed robbery, prostitution, smoking and others, the police are expected to arrest such people and also law breakers.

The court also imposes punishment on indiscipline people. Better example and leadership by the older generation Since the youth see adults as role models and will want to copy the things they do, adults in society should lead good exemplary lives so that they will drift them (the youth) away from engaging in immoral practices. Control of the media To check indiscipline, the media both electronic and the print should be controlled.

The programs and publications of various radio and television stations, newspapers and magazines should be censored to rid them of pornographic and violent elements that might lead to indiscipline among the youth. Enforcement of discipline in schools Indiscipline can be controlled if school authorities ensure that students adhere rigidly to school rules and regulations should be punished to prevent repetition of their actions and to serve as deterrent to others. Discipline will thus, shape the lives of the youth to become responsible adults.


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