Civil survey and valuation; Construction Practices; Engineering

Civil Engineering has been my
area of interest since I was in school. One of my first encounters with the
Civil Engineering, was when I started watching various T.V programs related to
construction and development since then I remember that I had not left any
shows or programs which I had not seen, that was the point where I started
taking interest in civil and construction after. a few years my elder sister joined
civil engineering college in karad, she showed me the correct path and guided
me to my interest. Since then I began more fascinated to the equipment’s and
machines that were used for construction. This boost was supplemented by my
father’s friend, who is a civil engineer himself. He played an important role
in inspiring and motivating me to peruse my undergraduate degree in Civil
Engineering on noticing my keenness and the way I enjoyed visiting his sites
during my vacations.

My desire and passion with hard
work and proper guidance led me to this field. i secured admission for an
undergraduate program in Civil Engineering at SSDGCT’s Sanjay Ghodawat Group Of
Institution, Atigre , one of the developing and infrastructure fulfilled
institute in Maharashtra state. in the beginning of my course I studied
subjects related to all the major fields of engineering which gave me a idea
about different fields of engineering but my focus was majorly on civil engineering.
In the second year of engineering I started with the subjects of civil
engineering till the last semester. During the program I found drawing and
management subjects were very intreating and scored high marks in that
subjects. I found Civil Engineering even more challenging and appealing than
before. I was keen on gaining in-depth knowledge; understand its applications
in order to aid in sharpening and my judgements rather than just superficial
learning to acquire marks. This outlook of mine surely helped me excel in
learning as well as score good marks.

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My undergraduate program
comprised of subjects like maths, surveying, Design of steel and concrete
structures; transportation engineering; Quantity survey and valuation;
Construction Practices; Engineering management and also Environmental and water
resource engineering. This curriculum has helped me gain a sound foundation in
these fields of civil engineering. The total components of theoretical and
practical learning within the undergraduate studies not only equipped me with
set of skills and knowledge but have also helped me in understanding my
academic strengths and weaknesses. Thus it helped me realize that my strengths
lie in Construction engineering and management. Moreover, a seminar which I had
attended on ‘Project Management’ during my senior year broadened my views
regarding this field and motivated me to go for higher studies in the same

In my senior year, we (in a team
of 5) worked on Study of Traffic Parameters On Roads our full-fledge project.
We used various methods to count volume and density of traffic on National
Highway. We also compared all the methods and concluded the best and fast
method to do the volume count.

From the school level I was
interested in sports I also secured 1st rank at national level Table
Soccer Competion heald at Nepal. During the course of my undergraduate program,
I participated in many sports events in games like cricket, badminton. Our
department also won the annual sports trophy held in our college.. Along with sports
I have also organized many successful events and workshops under SPEED. As I
was in the core committee of SPEED ()in our college. I am also a member of
American Concrete Instutite at our college. In addition, we, the CESA members,
have also worked for social causes through organising blood donation camps and
few visits to rural areas to create awareness about social hazards.

After completing my Bachelors
Degree in Civil Engineering I am working for a small firm from 6 months to gain
more practical knowledge at the post of junior engineer. I received great
expirence due to direct field work as well as office work related to planning
and estimating. During my free time I have also learned and practiced many
softwares realted to civil engineering which will be very helpfull for my
future life. I have a good hand at operating software packages such as AutoCAD,
STADD Pro, ETABS and MS Project. I have also designed plans for my friends for interior
in their existing shop which has aided to ameliorate my technical skills to a
greater extent.

I believe Civil Engineering is a
field where one’s individuality, creativity and effort can be noticed directly
through work-quality, outcome and newness in creation. In order to be a
successful Civil engineer along with apt knowledge one must also develop good
management skills, industriousness and patience; and I believe your institute
will provide a great platform for rooting these qualities within me. Your well
equipped laboratories and excellent faculty members will prove to be a boon in
achieving my goal of being a successful Civil Engineer.

As involved and enthusiastic I
was towards the extracurricular activities, so was I also ardently focused on
my academics and graduated with a distinction. Now I would like to strengthen
my academic proficiency by pursuing Masters program with excellent courses in
Construction Engineering and Management that your University offers. The
versatile nature of the course at your University will give me the leisure to
gain insights in distinct domains and will allow me to improve my project
management and technical skills, along with providing me with a broad business



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