Civil Rights Campaign During the Years 1945-57 Essay

There were many factors which contributed to the eventual success of the Civil Rights Movement during the old ages 1945- 57. a cardinal illustration being the runs and peaceable protests of the NAACP which worked through the Supreme Court in the U. S. to undertake “de jure” favoritism. The group’s rank grew from 50. 000 to 450. 000 by 1945 and was the largest civil rights administration at the clip. Overall. the group had important success in the old ages 1945- 57.

However. the work of the NAACP entirely was non entirely responsible for the success of the Civil Rights run and other factors which contributed to this include. the influence of cardinal figures such as Martin Luther King and the actions of the Federal Government. including both Congress. the Supreme Court and Presidents. the work of other known civil rights groups and the 2nd World War. which alongside the NAACP. influenced black Americans consciousness.

It can non be denied that the actions of the Civil Rights candidacy group. the NAACP. played a important function in turn toing “de jure” favoritism in peculiar before Martin Luther King was on the scene. The group supported Black Americans through the Supreme Court opinions in efforts to set an terminal to “de jure” favoritism. A important illustration of how the NAACP was successful is the instance of Brown V. Board of Education 2 in 1955 ; although successful during the first Brown instance in 1954. the opinion of integrating public schools was non enforced taking to the Brown instance 2 which did successfully implement the opinion.

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The opinion overruled the Plessy V Ferguson instance of 1896 which allowed Jim Crow Laws. Plessy V. Ferguson was basically the beginning of the ‘separate but equal’ political orientation. Although a success in footings of “de jure” favoritism. it is of import to retrieve that the NAACP did non cover with “de facto” favoritism. something which did keep the integration of public schools back in the first Brown instance. Another cardinal illustration of how the NAACP was successful is the instance of Morgan V. Virginia in 1946 in which the group tried to set an terminal to segregation on public conveyance.

As a whole. the NAACP did play a important function in the advancement towards bettering the position of black Americans as it non merely presented black Americans as united but besides built up a positive representation of the minorities through their peaceable protests and runs. However. if there was to be any unfavorable judgment of the NAACP. it would be their disregard of turn toing “de facto” favoritism. Although the de jure triumphs were a success. they could non to the full be successful as on some occasions. they could non be to the full enforced due to the ill will of Southern White Americans in peculiar.

A cardinal illustration of this is the extremist group the Ku Klux Klan who opposed African Americans violently and attempted to forestall Black Americans from doing de fact and de jure alteration by intimidating them and subjecting them to extreme racial favoritism. It is besides of import to retrieve that although the NAACP was successful with the bulk of their runs. it was finally down to the opinions of the Supreme Court to guarantee that the opinions were passed.

In footings of the Federal authorities. the extent of their influence during the old ages 1945- 55 is questionable as Congress in peculiar opposed most basically positive developments put frontward. For illustration. when Truman put forward his papers. ‘To Secure These Rights’ which included an anti- lynching policy and vote rights for black Americans. Congress denounced the papers. However. Truman did hold some positive parts towards the Civil Rights Movement. for illustration. he did integrate the armed forces something which Congress had no influence over.

Although a positive development. it can be argued that Truman was non relentless plenty to prosecute seeking to convey about racial equality. Unlike Truman. who appeared to favor the Civil Rights run. Eisenhower seemed less supportive of the motion. However. he did implement integrating of a public school in1957 during the Little Rock run and towards the terminal of his Presidency he did implement the Civil Rights Act of 1957 which focused on the vote rights of African Americans. Looking at the influence the Second World War had on black Americans. it can non be denied that it did impact the Civil Rights run significantly.

During the war. the U. S. needed the support the black community. As a consequence. the Fair Employment Practices Commission was set up to guarantee that black Americans received just intervention in authorities hiring. However. although on the service this seems like a success for the advancement of the Civil Rights run. its success was limited as merely a little figure of black Americans were really employed in the authorities. However. the war did increase prosperity amongst the Black community as many did hold some signifier of employment.

The engagement of black Americans contending in the war besides meant that many travelled abroad and became progressively cognizant of the favoritism they were exposed to endorse in the U. S. The fact that the Second World War was about freedom and the U. S. were contending to halt the persecution of minorities. in peculiar Jews. about made the U. S. look similar dissemblers as they themselves were actively know aparting against cultural minorities. Overall. the impact of the Second World War is undeniable as it was besides responsible for many black Americans migrating from the South to the North in order to happen employment after 1945.

This migration led to big tensenesss in Northern Ghetto’s and widespread public violences which did convey about negative sentiments of the black community and the civil rights run. It can non be denied nevertheless. that the addition in Black consciousness did assist the NAACP as it increased rank and support for the civil rights run. Probably the most good known and basically influential figure involved in the Civil Rights run is Martin Luther King.

Although he did non go mostly involved in the run until 1955 during the Montgomery Bus boycott which did take to the NAACP’s tribunal instance. Browder V. Gayle. governing segregation on coachs illegal. King was successful in supplying the Black communities with a political voice and edifice up widespread consciousness through the media. something which helped to derive the civil rights motion more sympathy from White Americans. peculiarly in the North. King besides founded the SCLC in 1957 which besides helped contributed to the motion. However. during the early old ages of the run the NAACP can be seen as the most successful administration in runing towards bettering the position of Black Americans in the U. S.

In decision. I believe that the NAACP was mostly responsible for the success of the Civil Rights run in the old ages 1945- 57. However. I besides believe that the group would non hold been every bit successful in contending de jure favoritism in the U. S. if it wasn’t for the actions of the Federal Government. in peculiarly the Supreme Court and the Presidents as these were basically the 1s responsible for the enforcing alteration. I besides believe that the Second World War is besides responsible. to some extent. in increasing consciousness amongst the Black community which basically led to increased popularity for the NAACP and its success.


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