Cis 105 Week 1 Essay

Personal computers have come a long way over the course of the last several years. Although they are still not on the level of that of a supercomputer, they are extremely powerful and able to accomplish many necessities of every day home life. In my computer at home, I have a quad core Intel I7-2700K processor running at 3. 4ghz, a very modern processor capable of incredible things. My personal computer has 16 gigabytes of DDR 3 memory running at 2133mhz, and it has two hard drives each capable of storing 1. 5 terabytes of data.

It has a basic bluray burner and a programmable mouse and keyboard making everything come together. Finally, my computer runs 3 monitors simultaneously, so I am able to see multiple videos and/or games and/or data all at once. This sounds fantastic, but unfortunately, it doesn’t even come close to comparing with a supercomputer like the one found in Columbia (http://www. nas. nasa. gov/hecc/resources/columbia. html). A supercomputer does everything a personal computer can do, except far more efficiently and with a significant amount more power.

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The Columbia has 4608 cores on all 4 nodes in comparison to my computer’s 4 cores, except it was built in 2004 and mine was built in 2012. It had 800 TB of storage capacity as well as 2 GB of RAM per core (4608 total). If they rebuilt this supercomputer today using state-of-the-art technology, it would be capable of things that can’t yet be imagined. Although the processor in my computer was top of the line about 6 months ago, there are already processors on the market that are simply astounding in comparison.

The core I7-3960X Extreme edition is the most state of the art Intel processor on the market today, and with a price point of over $1,000 USD, is also the most expensive (http://www. newegg. com/Product/Product. aspx? Item=N82E16819116491). The RAM in my computer is certainly comparable to many top of the line products widely available on the market, but I could certainly use an upgrade in my storage capacity. Since I have dual hard-drives, I set myself up for success, but there are a plethora of hard-drives available that offer more storage capacity individually, such as this 4 TB model (http://www. ewegg. com/Product/Product. aspx? Item=N82E16822145563). If I was to run 2 of those, for example, I would increase my storage capacity to more than double what I currently have. I could also look at getting a Solid State Drive, thus reducing loading times and improving performance of nearly all applications (http://www. newegg. com/Product/Product. aspx? Item=N82E16820147164. ) Technology changes at an absolutely astounding rates, and computer products are in many cases more susceptible to these changes than other industries.

Computers and computer parts are taking significant leaps forward nearly every day, with new products being released that are more powerful than ever. When building computers, they need to be built around the fact that they will ultimately be upgraded in the future. As technology changes, the requirements to run many applications increases, which ultimately require more powerful machines. References: http://www. nas. nasa. gov/hecc/resources/columbia. html http://www. newegg. com


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