Christian Psychology Sample Essay

Within the Christian community there is a broad assortment of sentiments refering and formalizing psychological science. The word psychological science is defined as the scientific survey of behaviour and mental procedure ( King. 2010 ) . The root word psych means “mind” or some might state “soul. ” and if you look at it in that position psychological science could be seen as spiritual in nature and involves the survey of the psyche. However. because psychological science is scientific survey is does non intend to do any spiritual statements about the human psyche. but alternatively it refers to a non-tangible personal trait of human existences. Christians on the other manus could take the word ‘soul’ and interrupt it down into how does the psyche communicate. experience emotion. ground and interact on a personal degree with God. In Matthew 22:37 it says. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your bosom. with all your psyche. and with all your head. ” Christians look at the whole physical individual and non the personal traits of worlds. Our religion as Christians can do us better psychologist because Christians look towards the word of God for counsel and wisdom.

Christians can take God’s word for truth. they do non necessitate to detect. explicate a hypothesis. trial theory. draw decision and so measure how the Earth was created. The bible says God created the existence. it is by religion that Christians believe God spoke and it was good. Christians do non necessitate to follow the stairss of the scientific method to believe. it is by faith itself that proves that what is unobserved is existent. Proverbs 3:5-6 says. “Trust in the Lord with all your bosom. and thin non on your ain apprehension ; in all your ways acknowledge Him. and He shall direct your waies. ” Christians do non desire to dominate the cross with psychological nomenclature which can pollute the Word of God. Christians are led by the Holy Spirit and seek the bible that contains the lone pure truth of God. As a Christian I feel that my cognition and apprehension of God’s word could hold a negative impact in the field of psychological science.

I wholeheartedly believe that Jesus is “the manner. the truth and the life” . non these other psychologist such as Freud. Wundt. James or any other adult male that is mentioned in our text. A Christian that does non seek the Lord as its chief beginning but relies on psychological thoughts of adult male will finally go of the universe and deny the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to mind to God’s word. if we don’t so we truly do non believe His words. In psychological science we are to look at one’s experience in life and study the significance in life in a positive manner. ( that is the more meaningful your life the happier you are ) . the premise is that sing significance in life causes greater felicity ( King. 2010 ) . Some psychologist and many people believe this construct and believe that happiness make people experience that their life is meaningful. I go the antonym. I see life’s tests as God’s manner of doing me stronger. doing me rely on Him.

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I do non like traveling through tests. I would much instead live the “happy life” every twenty-four hours and God does let that rather frequently but he besides sends out state of affairss that are uncomfortable. countries in my life that need to be sharpened. trails that conveying me to my articulatio genuss. Psychology and Christianity can come together. it isn’t impossible but I feel it would take work on both terminals. While reading an article written by Andrew Wommack he stated. “Christianity and psychological science have some things in common: They both province that our actions are the merchandise of interior procedures. But in depicting what those procedures are and how to alter them. Christianity and psychological science take a different attack. For one thing. the really word “psychology reveals an anti-god attack ( Wommack. 1997-2012 ) . Andrew besides mentions that there are four major renters of psychological science that are incompatible with scriptural Christianity. they are ; ‘”we are merchandises of our environment. therefore we are non responsible or accountable for our actions. this leads to puting incrimination for our actions on anything else but on us doing us the victims and self-pride is paramount” ( Wommack. 1997-2012 ) .

Job 4:8 says. “Even as I have seen. those who plow wickedness and sow problem reap the same. ” Proverbs 23:7 says. “For as he thinks in his bosom. so is he. ” The word of God shows us that our ideas are what make us the manner we are. The renter that Wommack speaks of being incompatible with the Bible is what I have personally experienced in one facet of psychological science. non all facets of it. God has given us picks. we are responsible for our picks. and I don’t feel like we should drag up our yesteryear and incrimination others for the picks we make. Yes our environment can act upon us but finally we are accountable for the actions that lead us to the state of affairss.

I feel that possibly when things go astray. or even when things are traveling good. have I thanked him. I have to look and see how is my walk with God traveling. am I trusting on him or am I making it all with my ain strength. So. how do you acquire Christianity and Psychology together. I feel it will take instruction and incorporating it into the course of study. I had ne’er separated the two before and didn’t recognize how it relates to my chosen profession. kid development. and now feel that in acquisition of the difference it will be my duty to intergrade and use this cognition in my future instructions.


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