Children Then and Now Essay

Children Then and Now Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago? My opinion in this question is yes; in this generation child behavior is much worse than it was years ago. Parents who are unwilling to spend the effort and time to teach and discipline their children, help make misbehaver. Many bad influences such as cell phones, TV, Internet, and video games have caused bad behavior also. A variety of video games display violence and profanity. Sooner or later video games become addicting; which is why violence in kids has increased over the years.

For example, a student in Sparks, Nevada opened fire at a middle school, killing a teacher and wounding two students. Additionally, television is another device that that affects children’s behavior. Parental controls are made now to block certain shows that parents don’t want their kids watching. It benefits those who actually use it. Specifically, Disney doesn’t present good cartoons for children. For instance, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinochle lies, Aladdin is the King of Thieves, and Tarzan lives half naked. Also, cell phones are a distraction.

In today’s generation it’s not surprising to see a 7-year old with their own cell phone. Cell phones affect a child’s education in school. The media is a bad influence for kids. Growing up as the first born child I was disciplined when I was misbehaving. I personally can see a difference in child behavior because I’m 18 and I have siblings who are 7 and 3. When my parents said NO, it means no and don’t ask again. Today however, my siblings cannot go to a store without asking for something or misbehaving. They throw a tantrum until they get what they want.

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If I was to ever do that in public I knew that once I got home that there were going to be consequences. Years ago parents would use time-out, and being on restriction. As a child I knew what was right and wrong because my mother took the effort and time to teach me how to behave. I knew there would be consequences if I misbehaved, therefore I wouldn’t misbehave. Children are not all to blame for their behavior, but share the blame with their parents. Today’s parents are unwilling to spend the time and effort to correctly teach their children. Children should have responsibilities before having free-time. Such as school, homework, and chores.

If things are not done, privileges should be taken way. Parents need to take control in a more effective way by talking instead of yelling. Yelling, or telling them to shut up or say that they are stupid teaches children that it’s okay to act that way as well. Kids learn what they see. It works well if it’s mother to daughter, or father to son. As adults it’s a responsibility to teach children on how to behave to have well behaved children. Today, children are not raised to respect anything or anyone, and they suffer no consequences. The generation will only improve if parents choose to make a stand and discipline their children. By focally


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