Child care professional Essay

Early childhood is considered to be a distinct phase of development, within which children’s learning and development are more intense than at any other stage of life. Hopefully, for most childcare professionals , It is a love of children that leads them to and keeps them in child care . Some people choose it so they can stay home with their own children. Others do It to help out their community. Still other try it because to them they think it might be an easy way to earn money. It was the hardest job I ever loved. I had 3 children of my own , and if I got a Job in a different field , I would deed child care for my daughters. Hen I looked around at the child-care option available, I didn’t like what saw. Sol got an idea to open my own facility. I love the age of 6 and under , those kids are so Innocent and curious and they interact with you and look at you as if you were one of the smartest people on earth. I think at that age children need a positive and pleasant Influence in their lives. I like being that person for them. And don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike them once they pass the age 6 year mark, I like everyone at any age but the little one’s are my absolute favorite to work with.

So the reason I become part of the childcare profession Is because I want to be a piece of the positives in their life and my rewards in return is feeling fantastic about myself and what I do. I knew I wanted to do something that made a difference , I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to make one ! Teaching is so rewarding . Everyday you get to Influence and change the lives of students you could be the one that opens their eyes to new experiences. Its’ great. In Canada today daycare Is a fact of life. The majority of women with school-aged children are employed , and the majority of women with children under three are employed .

We have structured our lives so that we need daycare in order to function. Research shows clearly that good daycare Is good for children ,and bad daycare is bad for them. You therefore want good daycare for your child. When your child has high- quality daycare, you can go to work without worry, knowing that he Is in a safe , healthy ,loving, stimulating environment where he ‘she can continue to learn and develop Into that wonderful, special person that he Is. A teacher has the responsibility of fostering all aspects off child’s development- social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

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First, a teacher should be warm and responsive, respecting the children as individuals and giving them lots of positive support Long before they can talk, children understood body language very well indeed. They know when a person means what she says. A teacher who is honest and spontaneous will make eye contact when she Is with the children, and her facial expression will match the words that she says. She will squat or sit at children’s level, them. This ability to express her feelings and to really engage with the children- the ability o convey that she truly cares about each of them as an individual person- is called “affect. It is an essential characteristic in a first- class teacher. Usually when it occurs in a teacher it also occurs in the children around her. They seem especially involved in what they’re doing and keen to express themselves. Although some children like to be hugged, others need personal space. The teacher must be sensitive to the needs of individual children, allowing them to be comfortable with the relationship. Interestingly, research shows that high-quality caregivers don’t smother the children with physical affection.

Teaching and playing, giving verbal encouragement and offering specific suggestions are more important. The teacher should talk and listen to the children as individuals. If she recognizes that they are at different stages in their development, and that they have different interests ,abilities, and learning styles, she will help them with different things and encourage them in different directions. A good educator will set up a variety of activities because she does not expect all the children want to do the same thing at the same time.

She should manage to be with them one at a time , answering ACH child’s questions promptly and asking him open- ended questions that allow him to respond honestly and thoughtfully. Rather than cutting him off she will give him a chance to share his feelings and thoughts. She fosters self- esteem , independence and feelings of competence in the children by encouraging them to do as much as they can for themselves, like dressing , washing their hands and putting the toys away. She also allows them time and space to explore and choose their own friends, materials and activities and to clove problems on their own.

She does not direct, criticize or restrict them. In any group of children, no matter how happy they are and how well they’re cared for, sooner or later a child is going to cry- life is not a bed of roses, and conflict, frustration, confusion and skinned knees are inevitable. A teacher should immediately notice a child alone, crying or Just looking sad. A child should always be comforted and a fearful child reassured. The teacher should come close and talk to the child at his level, listening and helping him to find a solution to his problem without telling him what to do.

She should stay with him until he is dead to participate with a smile For the teacher to prepared with work for the kids to do. They should be organized and trained to this. I thinks good teacher is one that can keep the child’s attention. The teacher has a number of general responsibilities in their daily teaching Job. They must provide a wonderful learning with their needs. The teacher will instruct them in basic educational programs, teach them to be creative and provide them with a safe and caring environment to learn and grow. A teacher has a wide array of specific duties which they must complete on a daily basis.

With regard to educational aspects, the teacher must prepare daily lesson plans to help the children start learning basic education to get them ready for primary school. The teacher will have a set educational plan each day which the children will be involved with as a group. The teacher must also prepare creative activities for the children to complete each day. It is important that creativity is a big part of the preschool experience and teachers will prepare various activities for the children to engage in.. Things such as arts and crafts, music and imagination will all play a big role in the creative learning recess.

One who is a teacher must also prepare outdoor activities and games for the students. This will help them improve their coordination and motor skills . With that said, the teacher must ensure a safe play environment for the children to engage in activities within. A teacher must also cater to the basic needs of the children. One who oversees a class must feed the children, serve them beverages and help them with their bathroom needs. They must ensure that they provide a comfortable , nurturing environment for the little ones within their care.

Along with teaching the children various things, the teacher must also monitor their development. It is important to know which children are doing fine and which ones may need a little extra help. This will be done by monitoring progress and making notes of the progress of each child. The teacher is also responsible for meeting with other education professionals and parents of the children. During these meetings, the teacher will discuss their lesson plans, what they are doing to improve their classroom techniques and how each of the children are doing with their progress.


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