Child and Young Person Development Essay

1 ) Describe. utilizing the illustrations in the instance survey. the sorts of influences that affect kids and immature people’s development. Include illustrations from the household and children’s background. wellness and environment. ( 2. 1 )

In the instance survey there are many influences that affect the kids and immature people’s development in the household ; this can be because of the background of the household. the wellness and besides the environment they live in. The female parent and male parent were both in Foster attention when they were immature. so they won’t have a motherly/fatherly figure to look up to when looking after their ain kids. Their fridge/freezer is broken so they can’t maintain nutrient fresh. so they will hold to eat canned nutrient. The twins. Tune and Michael. were born 14 hebdomads premature so they will necessitate all the nutrience they can acquire to assist them turn and acquire healthy. The level they all live in is crowded because there are 8 of them to portion 3 sleeping rooms and a little sofa and kitchen.

The lift in the level is broken so the kids can’t travel out to play and acquire exercising. Besides when the lift isn’t working the twins can non go to the baby’s room. so they will non larn all the simple things you learn in baby’s room. The female parent can non go forth the level to shop for nutrient. so they will hold to eat less nutrient for each repast to last them until she can acquire to the stores. Besides their male parent can non go forth the level because he has a terrible disablement and he has to remain in bed. He can’t even work because of it. and the female parent can’t work because she has to look after the kids and Wayne excessively. so they have to populate on benefits. Their level is right following to an industrial estate where many chemicals are used ; it is allowing off all the chemicals and fouling the air.

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Therefore the kids can’t truly travel out anyhow because of the contaminated air. it will do them ill. Nigel. who is 7. has asthma and it gets worse when the conditions is cloud-covered. Besides it doesn’t aid when the flat has damp spots everyplace that will do Nigel’s asthma worse. These are the influences that affect the kids and immature people’s development in the instance survey. 2 ) Describe. with illustrations. the importance of recognizing and reacting to concerns about kids and immature people’s development. ( 2. 2 )

It is of import to recognize and to react to concerns about kids and immature people’s development. To forestall a kid or immature individual being neglected or in hazard of harmful state of affairss such as force. drugs or intoxicant misuse you can present early intercession. This is a support system for kids with developmental disablements or holds and their households. If person recognises a kid or immature individual acquiring hurt/abused by parents/family so they should react to it by naming the societal services. That manner they can cover with the maltreatment. and take the kid off from the household. Then the kid couldn’t acquire hurt and they will be able to develop more. If you was a pupil and have a work arrangement at a nursery/ preschool and you notice that a kid has contusions or is moving in a eldritch manner. like being truly rather than usual you may believe that something is incorrect.

There are a twosome of things you could make ; you could inquire the kid if there is anything incorrect if you get no reply so you could state your supervisor or another member of staff. That manner they could make something about it such as. they can inquire the kid what’s incorrect or they could reach the parents. In the instance study the household live in a level right next to an industrial estate which is allowing off tonss of chemicals and fouling to air. and the kids can’t travel out to play because of that. it could do them truly ill. The parents could go/talk to the council about acquiring a council house. and so the kids can travel out and play to acquire exercising to assist them to develop. These are some ways of recognising and reacting to concerns about kids and immature people’s development.


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