Chemistry: SUlphuric Acid Essay

The production of sulfur dioxide This can be obtained by two methods: 1. Burning of sulfur in dry air in the furnace s +0 0 ass 2. Burning of metal sulfide such as zinc sulfide or iron(all) sulfide in dry air. Sins + 302 sass + ozone Stage 2: Formation of sulfur trioxide In the converter, sulfur dioxide and excess oxygen gas are passed over a few plates f vanadium (V) oxide, VIA, the catalyst at ICC to produce sulfur trioxide, ASS. SASS + 02 0 SASS Stage 3: Formation of Sulfuric Acid 1 . In the absorber, sulfur trioxide, ASS is first reacted with concentrated sulfuric acid to form a product called ileum. ASS + HASPS 0 HASHES 2.

The two reactions in stage 3 are equivalent to adding sulfur trioxide directly into water. SOB + H2O 0 HASPS 3. The addition of sulfur trioxide directly into is not carried out because the sulfuric acid fumes is produced, which is corrosive and causes severe air pollution. Environmental Pollution by Sulfur Dioxide Sulfur dioxide, ASS is one of the by-products of the Contact Process. It is one of the source of environmental pollution. Acid Rain 1.

Sulfur dioxide (ASS) is the pollutant primarily associated with acid rain. 2. Acid rain occurs when pH of the rain is between 2. 4 and 5. 0. This is due to the reaction of sulfur dioxide, ASS with rainwater. ASS+H2O* HASPS 3. The negative effect of acid rains include a. Corrosion of concrete building and metal structure. B. Corrosion of monuments and statues made from marble c. Causes erosion of top soil. . Killing aquatic life. Health Effects 1.

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ASS is an irritant when it is inhaled and at high concentrations may cause severe problems in asthmatics such as narrowing of the airways, known as prognostications. 2. Asthmatics are considerably more sensitive to the effects of ASS than other individuals. Sources of ASS 1. The principal source of ASS is from the combustion of fossil fuels in domestic premises and , more importantly, non-nuclear power stations. 2. Other industrial processes such as manufacturing of sulfuric acid also contribute to the presence of ASS in the air.


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