Chemistry Study Notes Essay

On your answer sheet, write In or circle the correct letter for each question. AAA 3 Meats are a good source of which food substance? 1 A food substance found In many foods Is: A carbohydrate. C energy. A fiber D carbon dioxide. B protein C oxygen B chalk. D vitamins 4 Why do we need protein in our food? 2 What is used to test a food for starch? A It Is a good source of energy. A Iodine solution B It Is used for growth and repair. B potatoes C It Is full of vitamins. C Benedicts solution 3 One of the ways in which water is used by he body is as: A a source of fiber.

D It helps food to pass through the gut smoothly. CA 1 Which organ is labeled X in the drawing below? B a source of energy. C a solid. D a solvent. 4 Fiber in your diet helps to stop: A you lying. B scurvy. C constipation. D digestion. X baby 1 You have a balanced diet when: A the mass of all the food you eat in a day adds up to 100 keg. B the mass of all the food you eat one day is equal to the mass you eat the next day. A small intestine C liver C you eat a wide range of different foods to give your body all the things it needs. D you only eat fish on Fridays.

Which of these people will need to eat the most food in a day? A a 3-year-old child B stomach D mouth 2 In the diagram above what does the organ labeled X do? Down proteins. B It adds vitamins to the food. C It takes the water out of the food. D It stores waste food until it can be got rid of. B an 85-year-old woman C a 35-year-old man, who works outside cutting down trees D a 25-year-old woman, who works in an office using a word processor Page 1 of 2 Exploring Science for CA Spymaster File 8 16 O Pearson Education Limited 2002 Quick Quiz (continued) 3 The enzymes in humans work best at body imperative.

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What temperature is this? 3 In digestion: A soluble food substances are made into insoluble ones. A 37 CO B insoluble food substances are broken up into soluble ones. C food is stored inside the body until it is needed. D waste food is removed from the body. D 98 CO 4 The pH of the mouth is about pH. The conditions that enzymes in the mouth work best at are: C alkaline. D basic. AAA B saliva. C digesting. C 100 co A neutral. 4 The main chemicals used to digest foods are: A vitamins. D enzymes. 1 When digested food is taken into the blood it is said to be: dad A suggested. B ingested.

Which label shows the place where digested food is taken into the blood? C absorbed. D insoluble. 2 Digested food is carried around the body in the: A digestive system. C breathing system. D nervous system. 3 What is the digested food used for inside our bodies? A to provide energy only B to provide energy and chemicals to make new substances c C to help us go to the toilet more easily D to provide substances to make sure that the blood does not become too runny 4 What Job does an artery do? 2 The drawing shows a model gut. Which part represents the inside of the small intestine? A carries water to be mixed with blood

B carries blood to the heart C carries blood away from the heart D carries blood to the brain only Page 2 of 2 17 Word Sheets Word sheets that include new words from the ‘Focus on:’ pages are available on the Exploring Science website. AAA – On a diet Word Pronunciation Meaning constipation con-strip-ay-shun When the intestines get blocked up. Diet The food that you eat. fiber fey-beer Substance found in food which cannot be used by the body. It helps to keep our intestines clean. Nutrition information new-tries-UN Information label found on a food packet to tell you what is in the food. Tridents new-tree-.NET Substances needed in the diet to provide raw materials. Substances used to make other substances out of. Solvent A liquid that can dissolve other substances. Starch Type of insoluble carbohydrate found in plants. Water A compound made of hydrogen and oxygen which the body uses as a solvent. baby – Keeping it balanced/Different diets balanced diet carbohydrate Eating a wide variety of foods to give us all the things that we need. Car-boo-high-dratted Substance found in food that is used for energy. Chemical energy Energy stored in chemicals like food.

Substance found in food that is stored to be used for energy in the future. It also helps to keep heat in our bodies. Heart disease Disease caused by narrowing of the arteries carrying the blood to the muscles of the heart, so the heart muscles do not receive enough oxygen. Kill-O-Cool Unit of energy used on food packets. There are 1000 J in 1 k]. Mineral Properly called a ‘mineral salt’ and found in food. Needed in small quantities for health (e. G. Calcium). Protein Substance found in food that is used for growth and repair. Sugar Type of soluble carbohydrate. Glucose is an example of a sugar. Taming Substance found in food that is needed in small quantities for health (e. G. Vitamin C). Ca – You’ve got guts absorbed When soluble substances go through the wall of the small intestine into the blood. Anus The opening at the end of the gut. Appendix Small tube branching off the large intestine. It has no function in humans. Something gets smaller. Digestion dye-Jess-June digestive Juices A liquid containing enzymes that break down food. Digestive system congestion Process that breaks food into soluble substances in our bodies. A group of organs that carry out digestion. E-Jess-June enzyme

When faces are pushed out of the anus. A chemical that can break up large molecules. 19 Ca – You’ve got guts (continued) faces fee-sees Waste food material produced by the intestines. Feeding Putting food into your mouth. Also called ingestion. Gullet Tube that goes from the mouth to the stomach. Sometimes called the food pipe’ but properly called the esophagi. Gut All the organs of the digestive system apart from the mouth. Ingestion in-Jess-June Putting food into your mouth. Insoluble Something that does not dissolve is said to be insoluble. Large intestine Organ that takes water out of waste food.


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