One meter above sea level Essay

Based on the observations provided in the kitchen lab, “Developing an Activity Series”, the order of the four metals from most reactive to least reactive Is: zinc, Iron, nickel, copper. Zinc is the most reactive. The reaction occurred quickly… Small bubbles (hydrogen) appeared straight away. As the reaction continued, larger bubbles (more hydrogen) appeared. At the end of the experiment, the nail was completely rusted. Hydrogen displaced the zinc.

Iron had no visible reaction after 1 hour, so there wasn’t as an Immediate of a reaction as with the zinc. The reaction then escalated after four hours, and after a 1 day period, hydrogen displaced the iron and left the nail rusted. The reaction of the nickel was even slower than that of the iron; there was no immediate reaction and no visible change until after a one day period, when It appeared darker and slightly tarnished (not as violently corroded as the zinc and iron). The penny shows no reaction because it is below hydrogen in the activity series.

Hydrogen does not displace copper. Chemistry SCHUSS-B, unit 2, Lesson 7: Key Questions 22. A. Word equation for the burning of carbon: carbon+ oxygen CLC carbon monoxide Balanced chemical equation for the burning of carbon: C(s) 02(g) D ICC(g) word equation for the burning of sulfur: sulfur + oxygen C] sulfur dioxide Balanced chemical equation for the burning of sulfur: S(s) 02(g) ASS(g) b. ASS Is a byproduct of the burning of coal. It is a very acidic oxide, producing sulfurous and eventually sulfuric acid when mixed with water, contributing to acid rain.

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In areas where there is a large amount of ASS present, the rain pH can be as low as 3. 5 whereas natural rain is about 5. 6, This Is 100 times more acidic. C. This harmful effect is noted by: Sulfur dioxide + water + sulfurous acid 0 sulfuric acid ASS + H2O CLC HASPS 0 HASPS Chemistry SCHUSS-B, unit 2, Lesson 8: Key Questions 25. It is important to ensure that your furnace is tuned up and in proper working order prior to winter because of CO emissions that could be potentially dangerous leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is fatal to humans. As windows are generally kept closed in winter months, the excess CO gas could be lethal as the CO would have no way of dissipating. 26, I support the President of the united States in his boycott of Alberta dirty oil’. In addition to the excess greenhouse gases created in separating the oil from the sand, “extraction of the tar sands oil and upgrading It to fuel grade for car engines required enormous amounts of energy and water and destroys miles of forest”. 1) ” To extract each barrel of oil from a surface mine, the industry must first cut down the forest, then remove an average of two tons of peat and dirt that Ill above the oil sands layer, then two tons of sand itself. ” (2) The water that is used in water shortage to consider. The water used in the mining and refining of this oil moms from the Databases River, which mostly is derived from the Databases Glacier, which is retreating rapidly. This water shortage would be detrimental to the Alberta populous.

Also consider the Greenland ice cap melting due to increased global warming. This will raise ocean levels by at least 20 feet, which carries an increased risk of flooding coastal cities in California and countries that are below sea level such as The Netherlands. “The Netherlands is a geographically low-lying country, with about 20% of its area and 21% of its population located below sea level, and 50% of TTS land lying less than one meter above sea level.


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