Check List for Project Finance Essay

1. Brief description of every undertaking patron: company history. constitution day of the month. legal signifier. ownership. subordinates. nucleus activities. Datas on sponsor’s experience in the host state and in the project’s industry. Explanation of how the undertaking relates to the sponsor’s strategic direction/goals.

2. Annual studies of the past three old ages for every undertaking patron. Extra demands in the instance of undertaking finance for activities in bing workss: detailed structured informations for the past three old ages and budgets for the following five old ages on grosss ( including a dislocation of export versus domestic foreign currency grosss if any. for states with non-convertible currency ; gross mix by client. state. and merchandise ) and disbursals ( in item ; in the instance of non-convertible currencies. these demand to be grouped individually ) .

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3. Summary of the undertaking concerned. including name. location. intent. organizational signifier. ownership. equity. security construction. position of licenses/approvals. local spouses. selling and distribution. funding.

4. Brief word picture of the function of the host state. For undertakings with currencies that are non wholly freely exchangeable: description of the steps to avoid convertibility and transportation hazard ( including escrow histories ) .

5. Conventional representation of the contract construction and the important existing or intended contractual relationships and security.

6. List of mentions of the general contractor and/or most of import providers every bit far as known ; list of mentions of comparable undertakings to document the proved technological feasibleness and the experience in the sector and host state.

7. Information on operator/management company: Company history. ownership. nucleus activities. list of mentions. certification of relevant experience in industry and host state.

8. Independent feasibleness survey describing on the project’s economic and fiscal viability and political and environmental acceptableness. Information on the degree of expertness of the advisers/experts used in footings of capable country and geographic part. as it relates to the undertaking ( list of mentions ) .

9. The undermentioned information. if non already included in the feasibleness survey:

a ) Technical description. flow sheet. layout

B ) Detailed derivation of estimated operating costs ( monetary value and measure inside informations )

degree Celsius ) Procurement state of affairs for natural stuffs and supplies. including matching contract paperss

vitamin D ) Description of the direction. preparation of staff. staff costs and makings

vitamin E ) Environmental facets. environmental impact assessment study. required environmental blessings and environmental steps. general description of location and accent on its specific relevant characteristics. socio-economic and socio-cultural facets. Besides see our elaborate demands for the environmental reappraisal.

degree Fahrenheit ) Discussion of the sums and rightness of the investing value and the hazards sing clip and cost overproductions.

g ) Timetable for building and commissioning. mileposts

H ) Market information on the project’s products/services. including the monetary value and volume tendencies for the past 5 to 10 old ages ; competitory state of affairs. current and future supply and demand state of affairs ; prognosis. designation and geographic location of chief clients ; selling and logistics scheme ; description of the planned selling activities and off-take understandings ( e. g. take-or-pay understandings )

I ) Detailed undertaking costs. interrupt down by chief classs of the cardinal building and commissioning cost points. involvement over building period. funding of working capital

J ) Projected procurance of financess. including beginning. sum. currency. clip of input

K ) Cash flow projection over the repayment term of the requested export-credit-insured loan ( including sensitiveness analysis: a realistic base scenario. an optimistic and a pessimistic scenario ) . account of how any hard currency shortages will be covered

cubic decimeter ) Derivation and premises of the hard currency flow projection. including footing for gross revenues measure and monetary values. operating and administrative disbursals. depreciation. amortisation and impairment losingss. revenue enhancements. rising prices. exchange rate motions. export licences. influence of local authorities.


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