Causes of Female Foeticide Essay

Female foeticide is a pressing issue – which calls to be addressed at one time. However. to acquire to the root of this issue. it is indispensable to understand the causes behind it. In India. nevertheless. there isn’t really a demand to look into into the job much. We don’t need to dig into any drawn-out and elaborate probe or instance survey. The issue lies right on top. in forepart of our eyes – in fact. it is a really portion of our lives. One of the simplest and most obvious causes is a penchant for the male kid.

It’s simple – twosomes prefer a male kid over a female 1. Reasons? Plenty. The root lies in our really ain traditions. imposts. beliefs and above all. our thought. It is a general perceptual experience that the birth of a male kid is good and advantageous to the household. A male in the household is traditionally considered to be a beginning – beginning of money. beginning of regard. beginning of name and celebrity. A adult male is expected to work and gain for his household – in the procedure refunding all that was cost to convey him up.

A adult female is considered a fiscal duty. as money spent on conveying her up. educating her. get marrieding her will non be repaid – as she will travel to her husband’s house after matrimony. and the benefits of all that ‘investment’ shall travel to his household. As Justice YK Sabharwal. Chief Justice of India. justly says ( in his address about Eradication of Female Foeticide. delivered in Patiala on December 17. 2006 ) . that “Investing in a girl they say is like ‘watering your neighbour’s lawn. ” A male child shall turn up to be the caput of the household. and he shall offer a sense of security to his aging parents – take attention of them. function them and take over the duty of running the household. He shall besides go on the name of the household ( whereas. the girl shall take up her husband’s last name ) . A male is considered to be a manufacturer. whereas a female is considered to be a consumer. All this is chiefly due to the patriarchal signifier of the Indian society.

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One simple premise that can be made is that this penchant is based on the signifier of society and households. a twosome of decennaries back. Back so. a male was expected to work and gain. whereas a female was supposed to sit at place. cook. and pull off the house and kids. This made a male kid desirable. as he was. so. the lone beginning of income and regard.

This system was abolished – today. females work about every bit much as work forces – but the thought remained unchanged. Another major cause – and arguably the most outstanding Ne – is the antique dowery system. Dowry is the money. goods and/or belongings a adult female brings into a matrimony. It is fundamentally a payment done by the bride’s household to the groom’s household during matrimony. Reasons for dowery include proviso of “base funds” for the hubby to get down a new household. set up his family and to feed and protect the household. Another ground is to back up the adult female and her kids. if the hubby were to decease – particularly since adult females have a better mean life-expectancy than work forces.

However. in most instances. dowery is seen to be payment to the groom’s household. for accepting the adult female. and for taking duty for her there on. Dowry is really common in South-Asian states like India. In India. expected doweries are immense – 100s of 1000s in hard currency. auto ( s ) . some belongings. It is good beyond the capacity of many households to afford this. particularly in rural countries ( where the anticipation remains the same ) . Dowry is illegal in India. but this has non stopped households all over the state from giving ( seeking ) and accepting it.

Besides. in most instances. the bride’s household is expected to set up and patronize the nuptials – and Indian nuptials are justly nicknamed: Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding. indicating to the huge sum of attempt. money. and glamour put in. Therefore. the birth of a female kid indicates immense sums of outgo later in her life. when she shall be married – which by the way. is considered the most of import clip of a woman’s life. Couples do non wish to hold such fiscal loads on them – loans and debts. for illustration: which most doweries force – which is why they do non desire a miss. to save them from such immense pecuniary demands.

This is prevailing to such an extent. that many little clinics that perform illegal sex-determination trials and aid twosomes abort female fetuss. advertise utilizing the motto. “500 now. or 5. 00. 000 later” – the former bespeaking the monetary value of an abortion. and the latter that of the dowery. Another ground for the unwanted position of the female kid is the load on her parents sing her safety. Incidences of misss subjected to ravish. molesting. sexual maltreatment. domestic force. trafficking. etc. are turning every twenty-four hours. and parents don’t want to put on the line their miss child’s safety ( with a male kid. such things aren’t a concern ) .

There are a twosome of other minor grounds. such as the higher rate of migration ( analyzing and/or populating abroad ) in work forces than adult females ( a kid analyzing abroad is a affair of pride for parents. traditionally ) . and the duty of parents to guarantee the ‘untouched and clean’ position of a miss before matrimony and that to instil in her the right attitudes. and to learn her to be a good married woman and to delight her in-laws. neglecting which. the parents are blamed. However. these are the major and most prevailing grounds for female foeticide in the Indian society. today. A normally suggested ground is illiteracy.

It is assumed that people are illiterate and non educated. and therefore they commit this flagitious act. However. logical as it may sound. this can non be safely established. Numbers tell us that. this pattern of female foeticide is every bit prevailing. if non more. in urban parts of India ( which host the so called ‘rich’ and ‘upper’ category people ) as in rural countries. Clinics are flocked in immense Numberss in urban countries. to ease the ‘facility’ of illegal sex finding. How can one so indicate the finger at illiteracy? It is besides argued. that some of this has bases in faith excessively.

For illustration. harmonizing to Hindu Bibles. it is a male who’ll light the funeral pyre of his dead parent ( s ) . However. this does non explicate the cause for this foeticide. No Hindu Bible or spiritual text asks to kill a female kid or fetus. On the other manus. Hindu books. Rig Veda. for illustration. keep adult females in a much respected visible radiation. Many adult females. in these texts. were extremely regarded and respected. It is undue and unjust to indicate a finger at faith as a cause for female foeticide. for it our ( myocardial infarction ) readings and apprehensions that are at mistake.

Another shocking fact is that physicians use the trust placed upon them for their ain benefits. Knowing that the twosome will abort the fetus if it is female. the physicians proclaim a female fetus even if the trials show a male fetus – to avail the excess fee they receive for abortion. Understanding these grounds behind this pattern of female foeticide. it is apparent that the alteration has to be in the thought and outlook of the people. and besides the Torahs of our state – to get rid of and eliminate immoral and undue imposts like dowery.

These grounds have to be addressed instantly. if any alteration and betterment is desired – it can non be expected that female foeticide be stopped without altering anything else. Major and instantaneous alterations are required in the manner our state and its people fundamentally function. Merely so can we believe about conveying about a alteration. and doing India a better and safer state for the fairer sex. Dear friend ( name ) . I was extremely shocked to hear that you met with a serious scooter accident. Thank God you were saved. Your serious status. nevertheless. has caused serious concern here.

I would shortly be going to be by you bed. It is some solace that Minu is with you and taking proper attention of you. She is really good at nursing and her gay disposition would assist in your early recovery. I hope your male parent must hold been informed of the accident. It would. nevertheless. take him a few yearss to come from Kolkata because thorough trains to Kolkata have been suspended following incessant rains which have caused breaches on the path at several topographic points. You have non to worry at all because really shortly I shall be at that place at your disposal. Praying for your rapid recovery.


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