Castaway Essay

Isolation and being entirely is a phobic disorder of many. Ann Burden. from Z for Zachariah. and Chuck Noland. from Cast Away. were faced with a life of isolation. Ann and Chuck dealt with their isolation otherwise. with different state of affairss and fortunes. When reasoning who was better off. it is of import to analyze and compare the nutrient. shelter. resources and companionship each character had. With the assortment. convenient and nutritionary value of nutrient the characters had. Ann had the better of the two state of affairss. Ann had a big assortment of nutrient ; she could acquire flour. sugar. tinned meat and similar points from the Klein’s shop.

She used these points to do bars and other merchandises. Ann collected eggs from the poulets and subsequently on she used poulets as meat. She besides had cattles that she could roll up milk from ; she used the milk for butter and besides for other nutrients. Ann could besides turn her ain nutrient ; she had land to turn many harvests such as ; peas tomatoes. Beta vulgariss. murphies. beans and other fruit and vegetables. Ann idea of ways to maximise the usage of the land. For illustration Ann states what she is believing in her journal when she wrote. “I planned to fertilise the maize and the soy beans and pea-beans. which were now up” ( Page 126 ) .

This shows that she thought how she could acquire the most out of her harvests. She had an uncontaminated pool where she could roll up fish and fresh H2O. With all these nutrient beginnings. Ann had no ground to work hard for nutrient. As opposed to Chuck who had to run and garner his nutrient Chuck besides merely had a little assortment of nutrient. Chuck merely had Coconuts flesh and milk and seafood ( crabs and fish ) . With the state of affairs that both characters had in footings of nutrient. Ann was better off. With Chuck all of a sudden being isolated in a new. unknown topographic point and Ann still populating in the vale. Ann had much better shelter so Chuck.

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Ann had many different types of shelter. She had her house that her and her household lived in. the church. a tree with a big hollow bole. the Klein’s shop and populating quarters above the shop. the barn and shed. Ann besides had a little cave in the mountains that was utile many times in the book. for particularly when Mr. Loomis arrived in the vale. The clip that she is most grateful for the cave is when Mr. Loomis started to move unusual. Ann stated this the first clip he acted unusual. composing this in her journal on the 30th of June. “I am populating in the cave once more. and I am glad now that ne’er told

Mr. Loomis about it or where it was” ( Page 126 ) . Ann had many different types of shelter compared to Chuck. Chuck had really small shelter. Besides the shelter was merely the lifeboat. which is non really utile and broke within the first few yearss. Besides chow had a cove but it was little with minimum infinite. doing it hard to travel about in. So it’s clear that Ann had better shelter compared to Chuck. Both Chuck and Ann had many resources ; both of them had different type of resources. but had had more utile resources. Ann had really utile resources. such as a gun and slugs. to utilize for protection.

She had a tractor and gasoline that was used for farming. such as plowing. fertilising and transit. She besides had natural resources such as a pool for H2O. fruit trees besides many animate beings such as cattles and poulets and land to cultivate. Ann besides had the Klein’s shop. in the shop there was nutrient. vesture. tapers. lucifers and many other resources. In her house. she had many resources such as laundry bath. stove and tonss of bedding. Finally when Mr. Loomis came. he brought a safe suit. the suit could defy radiation.

A Geiger counter. that measured the sum of radiation in the air. Finally a collapsible shelter that can besides defy radiation. all of these are besides helpful resources. On the other manus. Chuck had really small resources. He had bundles that he opened. In the bundles he found ice skates that he used as rope and knife. a fusillade ball. which became a comrade. a frock. picture colzas. paper. bubble wrap and composition board. Chuck besides had natural resources on the island such as stones. trees. shells and leaves. This show that Ann had better and besides more resources compared to Chuck.

With both characters with minimum company. it was difficult to cover with the solitariness but Ann had it better off. For the first twelvemonth that Ann was entirely. she merely had the wireless for a short sum of clip. stating her what has happened out of her town. Her journal was used to maintain path of what events happened and the animate beings that broke the silence. When Mr. Loomis came Ann was excited. but scared that person was still alive. Throughout the book their friendly relationship alterations. it has its ups and down. In the terminal. she wishes that Mr. Loomis had ne’er come. On the other manus. Chuck had no human company.

He merely had a volleyball that he made into a face and named it Wilson. a giant when he was drifting in the sea and a exposure of Kelly. his girlfriend. Ann didn’t have better company to Chuck. even though Chuck didn’t have human company he was near to the ball. It is clear that Ann was in a much better place compared to Chuck. She had better nutrient. with more assortment and convenience. more and safer shelter. greater and more dependable resources. Even though her company wasn’t the best. her living conditions were much better. If their isolation was long term. Ann would be in a more sustainable place.


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