Case One Essay

If you were one of the board members, how would you have initially voted for the proposal? What would your vote be after the recess in the meeting? Why? At first hand, I would be one of the ten board members that voted for the development of the plant. After reviewing the new point given at the recess, I would surely disagree with the use of the new plant. That would have a great impact in the number of many lives, and overall with a city that had experience a huge loss when the plant first closed.

I believe that companies should always consider the community before aging decisions, because that could lead to immeasurable issues for those involved, as that also would impact the company’s image. Even though consumers want the lower price, there will be a part of them that will consider how socially the company works, and over the long run, that can cause a great damage to the company sales. 2) Should the Byte executives tell the town administrators and potential employees that this is a temporary plant, to run for three years?

That would be the most reasonable thing to do. I imagine, that given those circumstances, the positions available would attract the people that live closer to the plant, instead of bringing people from all over the region. Even thought that might hurt the project overall, that would create a better image for the company, as they really care for its employees and community. 3) What impact does a plant closing have on a small town like Plainview? What impact does the closing have on the employees?

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As mentioned in the case, if the plant would close without prior knowledge that could lead to a possible bankruptcy. With people leaving Plainview, house prices would be greatly impacted, s many other credits provided to the company employees might not be paid. Employees could have their lives completed impacted by that, given that most of them would have to relocate to Plainview. Moving back, sometimes is not possible, what could generate huge problems, especially with no other options available at Plainview. ) Can you suggest any compromise for the present impasse? My suggestion would be to inform both the City of Plainview and all the business that could get involved, and also the future employees. Possibly that would attract more of people that live closer to the plant and that would be available to commute. Another option would be offer those commuting employees, a place to stay during the week and only commute back for weekends.

That might aggregate a higher price on cost, but given that this would be used for the short run and keep the company lead, which would be a price that the company would be willing to pay. 5) If you were Elliott, would you call for a vote on your proposal or postpone the vote until next meeting? I would call for a postpone so the members could consider other options , or how they could make the plant at Plainview work, without harming the City and its employees. Case Study One By Metaphors


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