CA Election Essay

Constituent Assembly-2: I am ready to Vote As a first time voter, I am pretty much excited and confused about the upcoming CA election. Excited because I am voting for the first time and my single vote would elect someone who would one day draw the future of Nepal. I would want to thank the Election Commission for accepting the proposal from the political parties to extend the registration deadline by a week because it helped me to enroll my name in the list, which grants power to overthrow or elect someone.

As a citizen and a voter of the country, this certainly is a proud moment for me. But along with this pride and excitement also is the confusion. Confusion about whom to pass the baton that would one day portray the dreams I carry about this country, confusion about the possibility of the election taking place and confusion whether if I should really participate in this election. When I talk about choosing a person, I feel like going with an independent candidate rather than someone with bad characters from political parties.

I hear that even Dons are rallying behind the political leaders to get a ticket through proportional representation, and would not be surprised if tomorrow I see hem taking an oath, promising to decide the future of our country. I understand voting to an independent candidate without knowing his/ her abilities or knowledge to contribute to the country would further deepen the crisis. But did the previous CA voting made any difference when votes were castes to those who were so called able and knowledgeable?

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When one of ours former Prime Minister’s loss was flashed in media, I regretted the decision taken by the people of that region because not only an individual lost but also the country lost a chance to get a lawmaker with such knowledge and abilities. But as the time passed and after 6 years to the previous election, I realized that people are never wrong, votes were never wrong. Even after the rejection by the people (from two places), the man ultimately got on board.

And look at the turnout after six years, did his knowledge ever contribute to save the demise of first CA, were his abilities able to defend the nation from defying the people from their dream. This is Just an example of a leader with such a high statue. There were many. Even a party with such a rich history in the politics of the country could not help itself from choosing the losing candidate and even the party carrying a new hope of New Nepal could not help itself from taking wrong decisions.

I am not criticizing or complaining but Just presenting the anger of general public whose dreams were shattered, and shattered in such a way that they were no more able to dream. But as a voter, taking a decision out of emotion and anger would not help justify. People will have to be more realistic and thoughtful. Voting someone whose voice would not get echoed in the bargaining hall would be the mark of another step awards darkness. And that is what was observed in the first CA.

The inclusion of those people not so logical enough to present themselves as lawmakers and those with lack of education proved the proportional representation system a way to select lawmakers who agree to voice their opinion per the whip issued by the party and a publicity stunt to gather votes in the name of minorities and poor. Whatever napped Is ten past Ana at tens moment ten puddle snouts De more tongues Ana vote should be based on the names proposed by the parties and the declaration form issued by them.

Those may not actually guarantee the loyalty or efficiency of the parties but at least would make them aware that, this time, people are really conscious. I urge the election commission or those responsible to ensure, that, losers do not get blessings from the leaders at a time when already disregarded by the people. At this time when people have slowly grasped themselves in the mood to elect new representative, the uncertainty of election still is looming around. They still doubt the assurance of the political parties as a stunt unsure if they are really willing o stand the test.

At any point when any party would feel like losing the election, any of them can withdraw their name from the election in the name of Justice not being provided to the people. Since decades, they have been fighting with each other in the name of democracy and Justice to the people, which the people themselves have not been able to decode. Currently there 33 small parties and Baddish led Moist have decided to boycott the election stating the present government as illegitimate and unconstitutional.

They believe the present government would not be able to deliver ere and fare election and does not represent the wish and command of the people and is the result of four parties syndicate. Just to remind them that, if we really go by the constitution, King should have never been overthrown (2046 constitution). Weren’t many of you a part of 8 parties’ syndication when the previous election was held and when the decisions were made. If, the syndicates were allowed at that time, why not now?

If you say the Chief Justice led government is unconstitutional then what are your thoughts about the President and Vice-President of the country? Do o think their position are still legitimate after the dissolution of CA. Interim constitution 2063 never included an option for the dissolution of CA but did you not let that happen? And okay, if we even consider the present government supported by four parties as illegitimate, wouldn’t an alternative government formed with your approval also be illegitimate as the process to be followed would also have been the same as for the present one?

To be speaking the truth, it’s Just your dissatisfaction with the four parties is speaking and nothing else. As a Newer, I fall under indigenous group Incantation) and till date have never come across any single Newark leader who present themselves to be fighting for my freedom or people from my caste. It’s you fighting and the sole reason for your fight is yourself. And the same goes with so called leaders from other indigenous casts, you are fighting for your own opportunity. If you really want to fight, fight for Nepal and Naples because at this moment the whole nation is suffering.

The people from Madness must have also understood that the leaders representing them are not for the development of Terra r people from Madness but for their own. People have been witnessing how easily the leaders are bringing up ethnicity issues ahead of national interests. Also it is more surprising to see how suddenly they start feeling themselves as Madness. So, to all those who are really against the election, if you go by the command and verdict of public, the election is a must. The people may not see few of the previously elected leaders, but are ready to elect from what they have at present.

The participation of all the parties would have added a tough time to all but at this time, what is really accessory is to get the country out of this transition phase which has been prolonging since long, Ana last out not ten least tense are no alternatives to ten election. And if we start exploring the only alternative, it would be to select a group of intellectuals, professional, educated and learned people to draw the constitution which would never be supported by the political parties as they believe they are the only ones in the country capable of drawing it.

Last CA proved that constitution would be delivered only after the agreement between few top 50 political leaders of the entry and the rest inside the hall were there only to agree their leader’s decision. If that is the case and as at this time when more than majority of top 50 leaders are already agreeing with the election, it makes no sense to wait for those few who oppose.

More the people participate in this election; more the election itself will get legitimacy in the eyes of non-participants. Postponing the date is not an option as the new bargaining and drama would start unfolding. So to all those not participating in the election, if you have faith in yourself and believe that you were fare to people in sat six years, you will win but if you have fear from inside, then the loss is inevitable and it’s only because of your unpopular deeds in last six years.

Amidst of all the ups and downs, yes and no, the country is crawling towards the D-day which would again begin the process of formalization of the constitution of the country. Delaying might be an option from those not willing to see this election taking place or by those who do not see themselves in large numbers in New- Boneshaker but as a student, citizen and a voter, I would Just want to say, be aware- I am ready to vote.


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