Buying Motives Sample Essay

We all know that consumer is the male monarch of the market. Therefore a sound selling programme is necessary with analysis of wonts. attitude. motivations and demand of the consumer. Each facet of this is related to consumer and purchasing behaviour.


Consumer behaviour has been defined as the acquisition. ingestion and deposition of goods. services. clip and thoughts by determination doing units. Since we spend so much of our life devouring economic merchandises like house. vesture. nutrient. cosmetics and diversion services etc. Consumer can non be separated from it except by arbitrary and mostly nonmeaningful differentiation.

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Buyer behavior is involved in planning. buying and utilizing economic goods and services. Both consumer and purchaser are permeant. A assortment of factors influence the people before they buy any merchandise. They are: 1 ) Personal

Unique to a peculiar individual. Personal factors can besides impact the consumer behaviour. Some of the of import personal factors that influence the purchasing behaviour are lifestyle. economic state of affairs. business. age. personality and ego construct Young people purchase things for different grounds than older people.

2 ) Psychological factors
Psychological factors include
•Ability and cognition
3 ) Social Factors
Consumer wants. larning. motivations etc. are influenced by sentiment leaders. person’s household. mention groups. societal category and civilization.

4 ) Lastingness
Whether the goods purchased are lasting in nature. Whether they can last the heat. clime etc. Eg: autos

The points purchased should be of good known trade name.
Eg: cougar. adidas. etc.
The above factors influence people before they buy any peculiar merchandise.

Buying Motivation

Mordern selling construct lies in the fact that the concern should be directed towards the satisfaction of consumers. The acceptance of consumers focus is the existent difference between the traditional construct of selling and modern construct of selling. Thus modern selling requires a through apprehension of consumer behaviour motives.

A consumer buys a peculiar merchandise because he/she is influenced by certain motivations and therefore comes the word purchaser motivation. A motivation is strong feeling. urge inherent aptitude. desire or emotions that makes the purchaser react in the signifier of a determination to purchase. Following are the primary and secondary purchasing motivations:


Primary motivations are those motivations or basic grounds which influence a client to purchase a merchandise of a peculiar trade name. Following are some primary motivations:


Secondary motivations are those motivations or grounds which influence the client to purchase a peculiar merchandise after primary motivations. Following are secondary
?Physical visual aspect


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