Business School? Essay

Why do you want to pursue this graduate program at Mays Business School? As a business major, I would not want to miss the opportunity of getting a top-notch education from Texas A&M University. My decision for choosing Texas A&M University is based on financial reasons and the likelihood of being sponsored for the H-1 B Visa after I graduate. As an international student, the financial concern has a major impact on my decision. Texas A&M University has a reputation for being one of the most affordable schools, with one of the best accounting programs.

The iris reason this university is affordable is that the university offers numerous assistantship positions for graduate students. Another reason for its reasonable price is unique compared to universities in other states. If I do not receive any assistantships, but receive a few scholarships, I would only have to pay in-state tuition fees. This will reduce my financial burden significantly. Despite my financial issues, my visa status is another reason I chose Texas A&M University. To work in the United States after I graduate, my student Fl visa has to be changed to H-BIB work visa.

My employer has to sponsor me to change my visa status. Because Texas A & M is such a reputed university, a degree from here increases my likelihood of being sponsored for H-1 B Visa status after I graduate. With the outstanding status of the accounting department, and my hard work in a graduate school, I will have a better chance of getting hired, and I will eventually be able to change my visa status. In this economy, I have to be very careful where I get my degree because employers would rather hire an unemployed American student versus an international one.

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If I do not get a degree from a respectable university, employers would not go through he process of changing my visa status due to the time and money associated with the process. Furthermore, the situation gets worse if the university is located in a small town because small town employers may have never dealt with hiring international students. Thus, I have to consider the location of school. Since the public firm in Texas highly values degrees from Texas A & M, there is more of a chance of being sponsored for H-BIB Visa.

Since I have to pay for my degree out of my pocket, all the scholarships and assistantship opportunities lured me to Texas A & M University. In addition, the chance of getting a degree from such a reputed university, for relatively less money, is a bonus. Lastly, the likelihood of getting sponsored for HI-B Visa has a huge impact in my decision. What are your career goals, and how will this degree help you achieve those goals? My immediate career goal is to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and work as an auditor in one of the Big 4 firms.

Although I want to enter into the business world as an auditor, my long-term goal is to work as Chief Executive Officers (Coos) of a Fortune 500 Company. I believe that obtaining a Master’s degree in accounting will repaper me for my career. I admire all the successful Coos of big companies. Their reputation, personality, and intelligence nave always amazed me I . Nave visualized myself as one of them in my future. However, I have slowly realized that there are thousands other people with the same dream, who fail miserably.

I wanted to figure out why people fail and how can I avoid failure. Eventually, I realized that if I wanted to be successful in a business, I needed to learn the language of business. This is when I decided to pursue a degree in Accounting. My desire to learn more about equines encouraged me to choose accounting as my major. An accounting degree will help me understand all financial statements, rules and regulations, various ratios, and other valuable knowledge which I would have been deprived of if I had chosen to obtain a regular business degree.

By watching other businesses fail, I had already realized that instead of memorizing how to run a business during my undergraduate degree, I needed to learn accounting. After learning and understanding the language of business, working in the professional world would ultimately give me experience in running a business. Furthermore, the Master’s agree in accounting will advance my knowledge in my major, and, more importantly, it will help me sit for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams, which I plan to take right after I graduate. After my CPA certification, I want to work my way up to the director of a Big 4 firm.

It is well known that audit engagement partners are usually offered the management position in a company where an audit is done. Therefore, I plan to enter the industry in a similar way after I gather substantial experience in public accounting. As an auditor, I will have knowledge of various aspects of a business, and how businesses are run by different companies. I believe that my experience as an auditor will assist me to manage and run a Fortune 500 company. A Master’s degree will prove to employers that I have a genuine interest to work in public accounting, and that I will take my CPA exam after I graduate.

Since firms are hesitant to hire people with only an undergraduate degree, the Master’s degree will make me more marketable, and will open many doors that were closed to me before. Describe your background, interests, personal and professional accomplishments, and how they demonstrate your potential for success in this degree and your career. I had no idea that my experience in college would change me into a different person. Every decision I made at my university has helped me grow both personally, and professionally. I came to the United States of America in August 2009, to obtain an undergraduate degree in Accounting.

When I started, I was strictly focused on my education, and I only wanted good grades. However, during the first semester, I was exposed to all the organizations and activities at the university. After the exposure, I decided to take advantage of everything that the university had to offer. At the beginning of my second semester, I started volunteering in various organizations. This involvement taught me things that I would have never been exposed to if I had only focused to earn good grades. My involvement kept increasing, and, consequently, I received numerous awards and honors.

Among the various awards, the one that is very significant to me is “The Student Programmer of The Year 2011 Award” by the Association for Promotion of Campus Activities (APPC). Being a national award, it opened my eyes in so many ways. I realized t I do my best, then I get rewarded. This award changed my perspective, and helped to raise my self-esteem. My changed perspective encouraged me to get more involved on campus. Recently, I felt honored to get elected on the Homecoming Court of 2012. All of the awards are extremely valuable, but the thing that I am most proud of is my academics.

All the awards would mean nothing if I was lagging behind in my academic school work. To be honest, it has been very hard to have a balance between school work and involvement; however, proudly, I have successfully managed my time to do my best in both areas. I believe this experience has prepared me for a good, smooth transition between college life and real world experience. The confidence I gained at my college has positively changed me, and the self-esteem that I earned will remain with me for my entire life. Therefore, I am sure that I will excel at my Master’s programs, and eventually in my career.

Describe an ethical dilemma that you have personally encountered. What alternatives did you consider, and why? Among thousands of dilemmas, the one that bothered me the most is related to my desire to buy a cell phone. My decision would have been easier to make if my uncle was not in the picture. My dilemma revolves around the situation where I did not want to hurt my uncle’s feeling by buying a cell hone. Around 2006, cell phones were new to my country, Nepal, and they were very expensive. Like most kids, I wanted to get a cell phone, not only to impress my rich friends, but also to talk to my crush.

Before, I never had the courage to talk her because she was one of the rich kids in the school, and we rarely interacted. Since she had a cell phone, I thought the only way to start talking to her was through testing. Therefore, I had to buy a cell phone so I could talk to her. Unfortunately, I had no Job. In Nepal, you live with your parent’s until you are finished with your education. Since parent’s support their children throughout their education, they do not want their children to work, and expect them to fully focus on school. When the children have completed their education and have a Job, they support their parent’s.

Usually, the children do not work even if they are in a Master’s program. Nevertheless, I started convincing my parent’s to buy me a prepaid cell phone. After five months of long discussions and persuasion, my parent’s finally agreed to buy me a phone. I remember vividly that it was one of the happiest days of my life. However, that feeling did not last long. The news that made me so happy, soon turned into a sad lesson that had to be learned. The reason for my sadness was my uncle. I always felt bad for my uncle’s family because they were financially unstable.

We were neighbors, and my uncle had a very small, old house. I respect my uncle a lot, and to be honest, probably more than my father. The same afternoon my parent’s said I could get a phone, I went to my uncle’s house to share the news. My uncle, who usually talks a lot, was silent. After some time, he opened up and told me that he might have to sell his old motorbike in order to pay for his children’s tuitions. It was to the first time he had ever had a problem paying tuition for his children, and I always felt bad when he got into those situations; however, this time it was worse.

I began thinking about how I was getting ready to buy a cell phone, which really had no use besides boosting my pride amongst my rich friends and talking to my crush. It became a tremulous need to me when I thought about my uncle going through all to his financial problems. My conservation with him put things into perspective, and now I had the dilemma of deciding whether I should buy a cell phone or not. As a teenager, I always thought I would do anything to be with my crush. However, I realized that if I bought a cell phone, it would be very disrespectful towards my uncle.

As a result, two options came to my mind. I could give the money that I was going to use to buy a cell phone to my uncle instead, because I believed it would help him to some extent. The other option was that I would neither buy, nor give, the money to my uncle because I did not want to hurt his pride by giving him money. This dilemma taught me the lesson that an action, which is not even related to other people, can impact them. Therefore, we must be careful and emotionally sensitive towards the choices we make throughout our lives.


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