Business research training for motels Essay

The word “ preparation ” itself has many deep and important significances. Training may hold varied “ spirits, ” but of those, I have merely tasted industrial preparation. True instruction does non fix us for something specifically ; instead, it is a uninterrupted procedure and a important portion of one ‘s life.

For my concern research preparation, I have chosen the subject “ Study of Factors Involved in Geting a Super 8 Motel. ” This survey will look into the factors that affect the purchase of a motel and will besides prioritise the most of import facets when sing such a major purchase. These factors may include the trade name name of the motel, location, investing, figure of suites, extra services, education degree of people, monetary value per room, etc.

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Chapter 1 Introduction Meaning of Motel The word “ motel ” originated from the Motel Inn in San Luis Obispo, foremost built in 1925 by Arthur Heinman. The word motel ab initio referred to a individual edifice that was connected by suites with doors that faced a parking batch or common country.

The dictionary describes a motel as a housing constitution, which has a figure of suites and a parking batch whereby people can besides easy entree their cars. Motels are typically located near major main roads ; in fact, the word “ motel ” is a combination of the words “ automobilists ” and “ hotel. ” Motels came into being when the United States main road system began to let easy transverse state travel. Motorists needed a topographic point to remain while going, and, therefore, the construct of the motel was originated.

The difference between a motel and hotel prevarications in the interaction between the proprietor and resident. Motels are ever situated on the main roads and have their entrywaies confronting a parking batch, whereas hotels have their doors confronting the hallway. Motels are largely household owned. Motels are at times used by people who have lost their properties or can non afford an flat, so for long corsets, motels prove to be a good pick of housing.

About Wyndham World Wide Corporation Group Mission Statement The mission statement of the Wyndham Corporation provinces, “ We are the planetary leader in leisure and concern travel adjustments welcoming over 240 million proprietors, members and clients each twelvemonth to iconic trade names, resorts and holiday finishs with our signature “ Count on Me ” service.

Core Valuess Act with unity Respect everyone, everyplace Provide single chance and answerability Improve clients ‘ lives Support our communities Wyndham Worldwide has about 7,000 motel stand foring more than 5,880,000 suites in 66 states. Super 8 ‘s are a group of motels owned and operated by the Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, which is one of the largest cordial reception companies. It offers single consumers and concern clients wide countries of cordial reception merchandises, assorted adjustment services, and sensible monetary values.

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation consists of the following groups of motels:

Wyndham Ramada Dayss Inn Super8 Wingate Baymont Inn & A ; Suites Microtel Inns & A ; Suites Hawthorn Suites oward Johnson Travelodge Knights Inn About Super 8 Motel Super 8 is one of the elephantine motel ironss in the cordial reception industry. It is the largest hotel budget concatenation in the universe, runing chiefly in the U.S. and Canada, although there are a few motels in China. With respect to the ownership, they are a subordinate of Wyndham Worldwide.

Super 8 was founded in 1972 by Dennis Brown as a motel referral system, which was shortly dissolved and replaced with a franchise operation in 1973. The first Super 8 Motel was opened in 1974 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It had 60 suites, and the original room rate was $ 8.88 ; hence the numeral trade name name.

Today, Super 8 Motels offer guests standard comfortss at every hotel, including a new SuperStart continental breakfast, free high-velocity Internet entree, and a anteroom country. Some locations have pools and meeting suites. A few of the larger Super 8 “ Lodges ” even have a eating house on the belongings. However, it still remains the lowest-priced offering in the Wyndham Worldwide household.

Super 8 had a frequent traveller plan, the V.I.P. nine, which was introduced in 1976, and it grew to over 7.6 million members. The plan was purchased by Hospitality Franchise Systems, which subsequently became Cendant in 1993. The V.I.P. plan was dissolved in December 2003 and replaced with the TripRewards plan, which was renamed Wyndham Rewards in 2008.

Super 8 maintains high consumer consciousness through assorted selling tools. These tools are used to convey their message to prospective clients at the right topographic point and right clip. The motel concatenation uses selling tools such as Television, wireless, e-net advertisement, hoardings, postings, etc. Additionally, the company utilizes assorted sponsorships to derive effectual consciousness sing the Super 8 trade name and its services. Those sponsorships include an association with NASCAR Nextel racing, including both Equus caballus and auto racing.

Chapter 2 Literature reappraisal Buying Behavior Which criteria/factors influence consumers to buy a merchandise or services? The purchasing procedure is complex in nature, because many internal and external factors have an impact on the purchasing determinations of the consumer. These factors include instruction, civilization, household type, sentiment leaders, self esteem, friends, relations ‘ positions, etc.

Consumer purchase behaviour includes a five-stage procedure:

Problem/need reorganisation Information hunt Evaluation of options Purchase determination Post-purchase behaviour Problem/need Reorganization How make you make up one’s mind to purchase a peculiar merchandise or service? It is at this phase the consumer decides that he wants to purchase a motel. What factors create the demand for the purchase of a motel?

Information Search When clients have decided to buy a peculiar merchandise or service, they begin to seek for information sing the specific merchandise, such as which trade name to buy, how many trade names are available, which is the better trade name, etc. This information is acquired from household, friends, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. Consumers can besides inquire the trader or franchiser for merchandise and quality information.

Evaluation of Different Purchase Options After seeking many trade names and merchandises, the client must make up one’s mind on one peculiar trade name. That choice of trade name depends on the coveted characteristics of the consumer. Suppose the consumer has three alternate motels from which to take, i.e. , American Inn, Days Inn, and Super 8 Motel. If the consumer desires maximal room handiness, and if the Super 8 has a more suites so the American Inn or the Days Inn, the client will go on to measure the Super 8.

Purchase Decision Through the rating procedure, the consumer eventually reaches a concluding purchase determination and enters the concluding procedure of purchase action. After measuring Super 8, the consumer is ready to purchase the Super 8 Motel.

Post-purchase Behavior After a thorough probe and remotion of all uncertainties about the merchandise, the consumer purchases the merchandise. However, inquiries may originate that subsequently do the consumer dissatisfaction. When a client buys any merchandise, he/she has two types of parametric quantities for acknowledging if this is a good purchase: one is an rating parametric quantity and the other a belief parametric quantity. The rating parametric quantity means that the client wants and expects some general properties contained in the merchandise. The belief parametric quantity becomes evident after buying the merchandise, and finding if the client is really acquiring the merchandise that he/she expected. Ultimately, there is pre-purchase behaviour and post- purchase behaviour. Post-purchase behaviour includes the satisfaction parametric quantities.

The Procedure of Becoming a Franchisee of a Super 8 Motel Step1: The first class of action is to finish a “ Contact Questionnaire, ” which is available on the Super 8 web site. After subjecting this signifier, a representative from Wyndham Hotel group will discourse your questionnaire and supply information sing franchising chances.

Measure 2: In order to procure a Super 8 franchise, the possible franchisee must perpetrate to a 20-year understanding. Additionally, he/she must hold sufficient concern experience to finish the purchase and go a franchisee.

Measure 3: The scope of entire investing is from $ 285,000 to $ 2,800,000 and 5 % of all royalties go to the Wyndham Hotel Group.

Measure 4: If you do non hold sufficient financess to buy the franchise, concern loans are available from the Small Business Administration ( SBA ) . Harmonizing to yesteryear records, 253 SBA loans were granted for Super 8 Motels, and of those, merely 1.58 % have failed to refund the loan.

Measure 5: After accessing support for the purchase of a Super 8, the purchaser must enroll employees to run the franchise. For a smooth operation, the proprietor will necessitate to engage about 38 employees and one director.

Measure 6: As a franchise proprietor of Super 8, preparation will be provided from the Wyndham Hotel Group. The initial preparation workshop takes topographic point at the Wyndham Hotel Group central office for five yearss and at the franchise location for an extra two yearss. Wyndham creates customized preparation for one to three yearss.

Measure 7: The Wyndham Hotel Group provides assorted ongoing support to bring forth concern. This support includes newssheets, phone line support, company meetings, concerted meetings with other franchise proprietors, and a expansive gap.

Types of Hotel Franchise Fees There are assorted types of hotel franchise fees. The most of import function played by a trade name name is that it attracts the investors to buy the franchise. The hotel franchise fees are taken from the franchisee by the franchisor, in exchange for the usage of the trade name name, logo, good will, selling and referral and reserve systems. Franchise fees besides include the initial fees with the franchise application and go oning fees.

Typically initial fees are based on the figure of suites available in the motel. For illustration, the initial fee may be a lower limit of $ 45,000 plus $ 300 per room for each room over 150. Thus the motel with 125 suites would pay $ 45,000 and the motel with 200 suites would pay $ 60,000. The initial fee is paid upon entry of the franchise application. The sum of initial fees covers the franchise cost of treating the application, reexamining the site, accessing market potency, measuring programs and bing layout, and inspecting the belongings during building.


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