Business Plan of a New Beverage Company Sample Essay


Initial funding required of the company is 4. 00. 00. 000 taka loan to be paid off over five old ages from Prime Bank Ltd. This debt will cover office infinite. office equipment. and for supplies two leased new waves. advertisement and merchandising cost. The Directors provided 11. 00. 00. 000 taka jointly. So. the entire cost of the undertaking estimated at 15. 00. 00. 000 taka.

Share of the Net income and Loss

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1. Mohammad Saoban 25 % 25 %

2. Ismat Jerin Chetona 15 % 15 %

3. Quazi Tamim Ahmed 25 % 25 %

4. Vincent Mabi D Costa 15 % 15 %

5. Kazi Razzak Hossain 10 % 10 %

6. Mahadi Hasan 10 % 10 %

Confidential Agreement

The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by Ismat Jerin Chetona in this concern program is confidential ; hence. reader agrees non to unwrap it without the express written permission of Mohammad Saoban. Chairman. Kinetic Company Ltd.

It is acknowledged by reader that information to be furnished in this concern program is in all respects confidential in nature. other than information which is in the populace domain through other agencies and that any revelation or usage of same by reader may do serious injury or harm to rank.

Upon petition. this papers is to be instantly returned to president.

Mohammad Saoban
Name ( typed or printed )


This is a concern program. It does non connote an offering of securities.

Executive Summary

We are pupils of MBA from xxxx ; under sort supervisor of sir xxxxx started to work on new and advanced thought that has non been earlier in Bangladesh. As a measure towards turning entrepreneurship in Bangladesh we will show our new and advanced thought in forepart of people which could profit the occupation state of affairs in Bangladesh and so that we could go occupation givers non occupation mendicants.

We have prepared study is based on “Business Plan on “Kinetic Company Ltd” viz. Pep-up Juice. To fix this study we have followed selling research methodological analysis for whose are kids and diabetic people. The information. on which the sum concern program stands. was the aggregation of informations from the questionnaire made by Kinetic Company Ltd. To see the market demand and wants. The study took topographic point interior and outside of Dhaka. After analysing questionnaires we made some program about location. constructing beginning of finance. monetary value. merchandise publicity. and Channel of distribution. We selected our works location at Ashulia. Gazipur and caput office at Bashundhara City. So we will acquire the natural stuffs easy. We will present 500ml. and 200 milliliter sugar cane. Coconut H2O. Cocktail juices.

We keep our monetary value comparatively low than other soft drinks and fruit juice. We will put our advertizement at telecasting & A ; streamer. We will administer our merchandise nearby store of Dhaka metropolis in the signifier of bottle packaging so that consumer can acquire it easy. The whole production procedure is in rigorous conformance with international criterions. and changeless research and development all merchandises. We are confident that our merchandises and services will fulfill the highest of criterions. Our pricing policy will be sensible and channel of distribution will be convenience. So our mark clients will acquire it easy. We hope that we will transport a good and competitory market portion in soft drinks industry.

Pep-up Juice provided superior value to their client who they promised throwing advertisement. So the client are loyal the pep-up Juice trade name and construct long term relationships. Though it is exist in our state. but there is a great potency in this sector. If we can able to boom this sector by puting more. our national economic system will be booming. Equally good as there are batch of people may gain from this sector and can increase their life manner as good increase our GDP. Vision and Mission statement:

Entrepreneur’s vision and mission for the company.

Mission: Establish our trade name Pep-up as the local taking beginning of healthy energy in the signifier of fresh juices with an sturdy committedness to doing a difference through our values.

Vision: To make full the desire of gustatory sensation and satisfaction.

“What concern are we in” ?

Our company is a drink company. Initially we will bring forth merely sugarcane juice and coconut H2O. In future our program is to spread out in juice assortment. Already there are a tonss of truths juice in market. Sugarcane juice and coconut H2O are besides available but non everyplace and non in a commercial manner. We will bring forth these two types of juice and besides seek to convey others fruit juice with a new gustatory sensation and characteristic like ‘cocktail juice’ which will be a assorted gustatory sensation of sugar cane and coconut H2O juice. That’s why our research and development section working on this.

Valuess and rules on which the concern bases:

• Our merchandise is alone.
• We will offer low-cost monetary values.
• We will do keeping your wellness easier for you.


We are really much concerned about Consumer attention. Supplier attention. Employee attention. and Trade attention. By fulfilling our consumers who purchase our merchandise. our provider from those we collect our natural stuffs. our employee whose unity. creativeness and invention make the concluding merchandise. and trade Directors those who helps us to make our ultimate consumers by many promotional activity.

What makes the concern unique? What is the beginning of its competitory advantage?

Singularity: Our concern singularity will be the singularity of our merchandise and the high quality of our merchandises that we will present.

Competitive advantage: high quality alone fruit juice
Other of import characteristics of our merchandises are:
• Our merchandise monetary value is low-cost.
• We will utilize minimal sum of Preservative.
• Unique design in packaging of merchandises.
• We make a full use of our resources. As we have our ain lands. it will be cost effectual for us.

Industry Environment

Over position of the industry:

Our concern is the portion of fruit & A ; vegetable industry of Bangladesh. Agribusiness is the largest income and employment-generating sector of Bangladesh. About two 3rd population of the state resides in rural countries and straight or indirectly depends on agribusiness for their support. The sector is an of import beginning of demands for its merchandises.

Company Locations and Facilities

We will choose our industry location in Ashulia. Gazipur because we can roll up most of our sugar canes and Coconut from the north Bengal. The transit system with north Bengal to Ashulia is really good.

Potential clients
Our possible clients will be every sort of persons like:
? Students at every degree. ( from school to universities )
? Employees who work the full twenty-four hours in hot and humid status.
? Households. riders.
? Patients
In summer season every sort of people with no age bound will devour this juice. because most of the people avoid unhygienic merchandises. Initially we will merely restrict our geographical range to Dhaka and so after initial success we will spread out our mark sections. We expect we will cover about 30 % -40 % of Dhaka’s population which could be about one million. We aspire that out of these 30 % -40 % we will capture 60 % -70 % of the market.

Direct rivals:
We don’t have direct rivals in our merchandise nevertheless in utility merchandises we have chiefly large companies like: Pran. Shezan. Akiz. Partex etc.

Business chance:

This is the concern program of a Directorship in the name of ‘Brand name of Product’ . The program is to treat and market the high-quality sugar cane and coconut-water juice. First clip in Bangladesh. juice will be preserved in Sn battalion maintaining them every bit fresh as at clip of extraction. Till now market trades in fresh fruit juices which can be readily preserved nevertheless this thought has non been catered yet.

Roll uping natural stuffs

Sugar Cane: Bangladesh state is an agricultural state. In North Bengal the husbandmans produce a immense sum of sugar cane. Sugarcane is the lone reliable hard currency harvest in the low rainfall belt of the north-west and south-west parts of Bangladesh. Although sugar cane is grown in about all the territories of the state. the chief turning countries are Chittagong. Comilla. Sylhet. Dhaka. Faridpur. Jamalpur. Kishoreganj. Tangail. Jessore. Kushtia. Bogra. Dinajpur. Pabna. Rajshahi. and Rangpur. Because it is an one-year harvest. sugarcane keeps the land occupied throughout the twelvemonth. Consequently. some husbandmans are inclined to cultivate other profitable harvest instead than sugar cane. This has resulted in a diminution in harvest land area every bit good as the production of the trade good in recent old ages. The byproducts obtained from sugar cane include rum. intoxicant. fuel. bagasse. farm animal provender. and from the chaff residue. paper and drywall. So it is a great chance for us to roll up our natural stuffs. 1st twelvemonth we buy our natural stuffs from those husbandman. On the other manus in that twelvemonth we will rent 450-500 estates of land from the husbandmans and produce sugar cane in that land. Our sugar cane production will be increase if we grab the market.

So. based on present statistics. we will actuate sugar-cane husbandmans to bring forth sugar-cane for our company throughout the twelvemonth. We will purchase sugar-cane straight from the husbandmans. so that they get their ‘just’ monetary value for their raw-materials and so that we can have fresh sugar-cane through-out the twelvemonth. Sugarcane juice is widely used because of its sweet gustatory sensation and being a solution to different wellness jobs. The cost of production and natural stuff is non so much. It needs non to be marketed so much because it’s a new thing which people will seek and love a batch. Simply we can put it in universities cafeterias. epicure franchises and food market stores. the lone thing we must make is to guarantee its shelf life and long clip saving clip.

Coconut Water: Coconut is one of the of import nut harvests in Bangladesh. It is largely grown in the southern portion of the state. Coconut is exported out of the state. Bangladesh is wholly self sufficient in coconuts. with 100s of 1000s of nuts neglected and finally discarded yearly. a inexpensive supply is assured. We will rent the legion big plantations ( estates ) that have fallen into disregard. where coconuts are turning and bearing anyhow. will be resuscitated with the chance to sell to local markets. We will buy coconuts straight from the husbandmans to supply them with their ‘deserved’ monetary value.

Company scheme
In first twelvemonth. our company will market in Dhaka. Dhaka will be exclusive market for first twelvemonth. Then looking through our gross revenues history we will spread out our concern chances to other large metropoliss of Bangladesh. More merchandises that will be processed in same manner and will be included in merchandise line after doing a good reputation in the history.

Machinery requirement-For Sugar cane Juice Production
We use few sorts of machinery in our industry. Like crusher machine for clang sugar cane. filter machine for filter the crushed juice. labeling machine. can lid machine etc. Our works capacity will be 3500-4000 Liters per twenty-four hours. For both the type of Juices. the chief points are the aforesaid matchets and knives plus: ? A refrigerated armored combat vehicle for agitation / enzymatic control of H2O aggregation. ? Micro filtration installations complete with appropriate membranes for multi-stage filtration. ? Control research lab for batch testing and control.

All the coconut H2O operations can be mechanized but will still necessitate about six operators. Alternatively. manual labour may be employed alternatively. which will cut down initial investings but besides likely compromise quality criterions. The minimal equipment required will be:

1. Hand tools such as matchets. and paring knives for initial natural stuff readying. 2. Coconut de-shelling machines or manual devices to check unfastened nuts. A machine is a first measure towards guaranting a low taint operation. 3. Stainless Steel pails and other containers for roll uping / review of H2O and flash.

5. Press ( Es ) for juice extraction. Choice of prison guard. level or roller imperativeness will be determined by the graduated table of our company’s production and operational considerations.

6. Boxing machines as determined by format picks i. e. tins or bottles or fictile tetra-packs complete with labeling capableness. The same packaging equipment will be Sugar-cane Juice Production. We will utilize the waste proct chaffs from both the Coconuts and Sugarcane in packaging. This will be really much cost-effective.

7. Wheelbarrows. spades and pails for disposing of dust. 8. Electrical H2O pump and hosieries for killing and care. 9. Small 5Kva 110/220v AC Generator to power the equipment through blackout periods to complete a tally. The generator is merely to complete the tally. but non for uninterrupted operation.

Procedure of Manufacture of Sugar-cane Juice:

Sugarcane processing focal points on the production of cane sugar ( sucrose ) from sugar cane. After sugar cane has been harvested it must be processed within less than 24 hours to avoid sugar loss by inversion to glucose and fructose. The cane is received at the factory and prepared for extraction of the juice. At the factory. the cane is automatically unloaded. placed in a big heap. and. prior to milling. the cane is cleaned. The milling procedure occurs in two stairss: interrupting the difficult construction of the cane and crunching the cane. The cane is foremost washed to take clay and dust. Then the cane is chopped and shredded in immense roller Millss for pull outing the juice. About 93 % of the juice is extracted. The exhausted cane. called bagasse is either used as fuel. as natural stuff for paper or chipboard. or as insulating stuff. We will utilize this ‘bagasse’ every bit good as the chaffs of coconuts in the production of tetra-packs for our packaging.

Fresh. juicy and to the full mature sugar cane. which is free from insect and fungous onslaught or any other defect. is taken for pull outing the juice. The juice so obtained is clarified and filtered to acquire a clear solution. Required measures of permitted preservatives. additives and spirits are added. The procedure should be carried out under hygienic conditions. The sugar cane juice drink is stored in 200 milliliter bottles and Crown corked. The bottles and crown cork closings should conform to ISO criterions. Production engineering is available from CFTRI. Mysore.

The chief production procedure for sugar cane juice can be summarized into:
? Sugarcane Processing
? Production Procedure
? Cane Sugar Process ( Milling )
? Processing Traditionally
? Sugarcane Juice Processing
? Ultra filtration of sugar cane juice: surveies on membrane fouling
? Packaging development

Preservation system for sugar cane
Aqueous ammonium hydroxide ( 28 % NH3 w/v ) was assorted with 500ml batches newly extracted sugarcane juice at degree of 0. 0. 5. 1. 0. 1. 5. 2. 0. 2. 5 and 30 % ( w/v ) . the mixture were at a room temperature is sealed glass containers for 7 twenty-four hours period to mensurate alterations in pH and Brix of the juice. Consequence for pH & A ; Brix during 7 yearss after intervention are shown in Table 1. It gives the tendencies in these measuring for aqueous ammonia degree of 0. 0. 5. 1. 0. 1. 5 and 2 % . Consequences for higher concentrations were indistinguishable to those for 2 % aqueous ammonium hydroxide. It is obvious that ammonium hydroxide works good as a saving particularly if reasonably high degree are used. at degree above 2 % w/v the juice becomes less toothsome for cowss and such state of affairss if should bereft to stand until the extra ammonium hydroxide dissipates. It has been suggested by Leng and Preston ( 1976 ) that the optimal degree of available N in the first stomachs to guarantee optimal synthesis of microbic protein in 3 g N/100 g of fermentable organic affair. Taking this instance of cane juice at 14 Brix. so this universe require about 1. 5 % ( w/v ) of aqueous ammonium hydroxide ( 28 % NH3 w/v ) in order to supply the needed sum of available N for microbic protein synthesis. In the experiment reported here. the inclusion of from 1. 5-2. 0 % aqueous ammonium hydroxide in the sugar cane juice therefore provided the necessary sum of Nitrogen for first stomachs systematic.

Packaging of Sugarcane Juice:

The sugar cane juice will be preserved and packed in tetra battalions and bottle which has a good storage life and is available during off-season besides. Aseptic bundle non merely protects the merchandise but besides will keep the quality of the merchandise. Aseptic packaging systems have played a critical function in supplying people all over the universe with indispensable nutriment. Fresh sugar cane juice packed under hygienic conditions will be available on the shelf. To protect the rational rights of the production procedure of our merchandises we will do patents on: ? Method of Extraction of Juice from Sugarcane

? Method for bring forthing Sugarcane juice and Coconut Water

? Method for bring forthing stable sugar cane juice and Coconut Water

? Juice spread and a Procedure for fixing the same

? Process for fixing ready-to-drink shelf stable sugar cane and coconut H2O juice drink

? Diffusion setup

Production Technology for Coconut Water

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO ) late developed a reasonably straightforward. patented procedure for the stabilisation of coconut H2O. the chief donees of which will be tropical states that procedure or export coconuts. and little husbandmans who grow them. It is the lone feasible methodological analysis for bring forthing coconut H2O that will be assured of success in the market topographic point.

The new engineering is basically a micro filtration procedure ; the H2O filters through a medium. such as porcelain or a polyacrylic gel. that retains all micro-organisms and spores and renders the permeate commercially unfertile. Nine-month old ( approx ) coconuts are harvested ; the H2O is extracted. inspected and so passed through a harsh filter to take solids and particulates. The standard process is to verify each opened nut anterior to emptying it into a stainless-steel bucket. The H2O is so transferred into a refrigerated armored combat vehicle held at 6°C to avoid agitation and enzymatic impairment during farther processing. A clear uping rosin such as polyvinylpolypyrrolidone ( PVPP ) is added to cut down the degree of polyphenols and tannic acids and to better the stableness of the concluding merchandise. The rosin is so removed by a 2nd coarse filtration.

The micro filtration is carried out in two phases ; pre-filtration utilizing a 0. 80 ?m pore membrane prior to traveling through the concluding micro filtration utilizing a 0. 20 ?m membrane. These membranes can be obtained commercially from a figure of beginnings ; the makers support the different constellations and pumping systems.

The now unfertile coconut H2O is flushed with N and aseptically filled into unfertile containers. either tins or bottles or Tetra-packs. The Aseptic Filling operation is the major investing of this procedure.

There is a distinguishable advantage in adding a little degree of vitamin C ( 0. 015 % ) to the merchandise as this ensures colour stableness. regardless of coconut assortment. Trials indicate that merchandise prepared in this manner has a lower limit shelf life of 8 months. The full production procedure must hold a high degree of sanitation unity to cut down inadvertent taint of the merchandise.

Company ends and Objective:
A. Goal:
Our chief end is to accomplish client believe by supplying 100 % pure juice and by quality confidence. Apart from this our Operational end is
• To happen new client.
• To retain bing client.
• To increase the market portion by 5 % every twelvemonth.
• To increase the entire retail client by around 10 % . And our Functional end is
• To increase the gross by 15 % every twelvemonth.
• Make the hard currency flow really smooth.
Business scheme:

A. Desired image and place in the market.

We are new in the market. That’s why in the market and besides in client head there is no image of our merchandise. We make a logo. tag line and besides vision & A ; mission statement. We are be aftering to make a attractive promotional activity.

B. SWOT Analysis:

1. Strengths:

• Updated engineering works.
• Quality merchandise.
• We have a first mover advantage.
• Totally Bangladeshi made.
• Reasonable monetary value.
• We have low operating expenses.
• We can minimise our cost by selling by merchandise or wastage. 2. Failings:
• New in this market.
• Small distribution web.
• Strong rivals.
• No market portion.
• Limited experience of clients.
• Low repute.
• Undependable hard currency flow in the early phases. 3. Opportunities:
• Increase the distribution web.
• Geting the new engineering.
• Big & A ; attractive market.
• Take over the distributer.
• We can export our merchandise to foreign state. • Increased demand.
• Business sector is spread outing.
• Government wants to promote local concerns. 4. Menaces:
• Political instability.
• Governmental ordinance.
• Competitor can bring forth the same merchandise. • Downward force per unit area on pricing.
• New innivation from other comprtitors could be a menace.

C. Competitive scheme.

1. Cost leading: We buy natural stuffs in majority because there is no opportunity to damage of merchandises. After than we produce juice and sell. Then we are able to accomplish economic systems of graduated table. That’s why our production cost will be lower. We besides use our by-product baggase from sugar cane and coconut chaffs in Boxing which will minimise our cost.

2. Differentiation: Sugarcane juice and Coconut H2O are non in the market in a commercial manner. It is locally available but non in a different spirit. We bring sugarcane juice in a four new spirit which is pudina. ginger. tulsi. lemon. And coconut H2O in a tetra battalions.

3. Focus: Apart from cost leading and distinction our focal point will be “how to more and more typical appreciable manner we provide service to our client. How we present our merchandise to client relatively in a alone manner.


A. Description:

Coconut Water
Coconut water’s nutritionary benefits – low in Calories and packed with electrolytes. K. and other indispensable vitamins and minerals – besides will do it a speedy favourite among the famous person set. Our company will pull investings and indorsements from some of the most celebrated famous persons. Coconut chaffs were one of the first commercially-important constituents of coconuts. The fibres are used for auto place fillings. The coconut meat is besides a popular ingredient of nutrients such as adust goods and confect bars and coconut oil is besides desired for nutrients and personal attention points. However. coconut H2O was a byproduct in treating these coconut ingredients. I

Sugarcane Juice
The sugar cane juice preserved and packed in tetra battalions and bottle has a good storage life and is available during off-season besides. The juice is available in many spirits including authoritative field. batch. ginger. lemonade. Piper nigrum. Sweet & A ; salt etc. Sugarcane juice is a high-energy drink that is natural. Sweet and is a healthy option to refined sugar added drinks. It rapidly replaces lost energy in the most backbreaking of fortunes.

1. Merchandise characteristic:
• 100 % fruit juice.
• No added sugars. preservatives or colorants.
• High in nutrition.
• Naturally low in fat.
• Cholesterol-free.
• Ideal for a healthy life style.
• Pasteurized to vouch quality.
• Available in four assortment of great savoring spirits 2. Customer wellness benefits:
a. Customer benefits of Sugarcane juice: Nutrition benefits:

Health benefit:
• Sugarcane juice is great for reloading energy because it contains rich saccharide and Fe. • It strengthens the tummy. kidneys. bosom. eyes. and encephalon and sex variety meats. • The juice is good in febrilities. When there is a great protein loss. sugarcane juice supplies the organic structure with necessary protein and other nutrient elements. • It keeps the urinary flow clear and helps the kidneys to execute their maps swimmingly. • Sugarcane is really utile in bare micturition. It keeps the urinary flow clear and helps the kidneys to execute their maps decently. • It is besides valuable in firing ripening due to high sourness. gonorrhoea. hypertrophied prostate. cystitis and Bright’s disease. For better consequences. it should be assorted with lime juice. ginger juice and coconut H2O.

• It hydrates the organic structure rapidly when exposed to protract heat and physical activity. • The juice keeps the teeth clean and increases their life. • Sugarcane juice is a fattening nutrient. It is therefore an effectual redress for tenuity. Rapid addition in weight can be achieved by its regular usage. • The dew which collects on the long foliages of sugar cane is utile in several oculus upsets. When instilled in the eyes. it is an effectual medical specialty in faulty vision. cataract. and pinkeye. combustion of the eyes and eye-strain after inordinate reading. For whom Sugar cane juice suits best?

Sugar cane juice is ideal for those:

• who frequently suffer from firing esthesis all over the organic structure.

• who suffer from firing esthesis when urinating.

• Who are tired due to extra Sun exposure. during summer?

When to take Sugar cane juice?

• The best clip to take sugar cane juice is the afternoon. It is better to avoid it during dark.


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