Bullying Compare Contrast Essay

As an individual loses someone close to him/her, the process may be an unbearable roller coaster of the mind and emotions. Losing anyone, from a friend to a child, is virtually never easy. Throughout life, everyone deals with a loss in some way. Bereavement can be the hardest emotion to overcome. Bereavement is known as the long process of deprivation, mourning, and grief an individual may feel after the loss of someone near and dear to him/her. The duration of bereavement depends on the person experiencing the loss. I personally have dealt with bereavement many times. The process is one of the most difficult feelings to overcome.

I’ve lost a few close friends and mourned day after day because of it. Being close to an individual and having him/her torn away in a split second caused grief and pain. I’ve lost not only friends but family members also. Having someone there to help cope with the loss can make it easier, but nothing helps more than time. Time is the biggest healing process of bereavement. A loss may not just be death but the loss of friendship or a relationship of which may be hard to cope. Feeling bereavement may lead to feeling wrong, but it is the normal process of reacting both internally and externally to the perception of loss.

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Emotions often take over the best in individuals. Being able to deal with pain, sadness, loss and suffering is a long hard process for anyone to go through. The moment a person close to an individual, whether it’s a family member or loved one, is torn away it may seem as though it is all too much. There are many feelings and different stages to come along with bereavement; different stages that include anger, depression, denial and realization. Happiness and joyfulness are things that are virtually never felt through this.

Bereavement is a long and hard emotion to overcome but often leads to acceptance and resolution. The pain, sorrow, tribulation and difficulty an individual feels after the loss of a loved one is a struggle that is often most difficult to overcome. To lose a friend or family member can be a rollercoaster drowned with all too many emotions. Throughout life, virtually every individual deals with a loss. Bereavement may be the hardest emotion for someone to have to feel, and they most certainly shouldn’t have to go through it alone. The process of bereavement often leads to other emotional, mental, and physical problems.


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