Book Review a Love Affair Essay

A Slobbering Love Affair addresses the lack of objectivity surrounding the 2009 presidential election. This book is very witty and brings about many unanswered questions. Bernard Goldberg points out many obvious truths that are avoided by the mass media outlets. Goldberg was spot on with all of the facts, which brought the reader to think on a different level. Goldberg stayed on subject throughout the entire book with many different aspects of information proving his point.

He goes over many of the clever things that the liberal media used to downplay the negative questions that were posed toward the Obama campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish. Goldberg book contained Just enough humor to counter all the harsh facts that were being dished out with the book. I love how each chapter was filled with sarcasm and quirky one-liners. The book was very informative as well as objective. Even after bashing the media for chapters he goes on, to say that it wasn’t their [medias] fault that McCain lost the election.

He id this because it is very easy to misunderstand the point of the book. Goldberg was not blaming the media for McCain loosing the last election; he was merely pointing out the extreme left and liberal view of the media in the last election. Parts of the book were so up roaring that it made me want to go to the huge news networks and give them a piece of my mind, but as Lumbago stated in the book “Why should they give a damn? As far as the drive Boys are concerned, this was a huge triumph. When asked if the “mainstream media care what the American people think of hem. ” (Goldberg) I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone no matter your political views. There are many statistics that blew my mind. I believe that no matter how involved a person is in media, this is a very informative book. I imagine many people that have read this book in the past have ended up wanting to give Goldberg a piece of their mind, and that is one of the things that makes this a great book.

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I believe that this should definitely be used in the foundations and ethics course. It goes deeply into the aspect of objectivity Goldberg analyzes the main media stations as well as big commentators and Pres. Obama before the election for fear of hurting “Their Candidate. “(Goldberg) He even goes on to talk about how the papers wrote more articles on Mrs.. Paling’s outfits than on Beam’s ties to William Areas. Another main topic in the book was racism, and not how you would think. Racism was a term that was thrown around by the Obama candidacy.

Anything that was said or posted that could have had a negative effect on Beam’s polls was considered “racist”. Goldberg) Throughout the book Goldberg has a reoccurring theme that can be explained when he said “These journalists think that everything to the right of center is conservative, and everything to the left of center is middle of the road. ” This is talked in the chapter labeled Life In the Bubble. In this chapter Goldberg states that the liberal view of the media is not caused by one or few main figures but is a mindset in the media world.

The rest of this chapter shows statistics from past elections concerning the percentage of ruinations who are democrats or liberals. One statistic from the book states “In 1986, 86 percent of Journalists voted for the Democrat. “(Goldberg) Not much as changed since then. This book had some relation to our class but I believe it had a lot more ties with my foundations and ethics course. One thing that is discussed in our notes is how we seek/discover the truth. It wasn’t talked about in the notes but one way we look for truth is through the media.

People turn on the TV everyday and look to news reporters to tell us what is important. Through the election the main concern was that the media were pulling a vale over our eyes. They manipulated the information and chose to publish only what fit their views and downplay anything else. Another key term is Political Revolution; this whole book is based around this theory. DRP. McMullen defined a Political Revolution as each contending party of a revolution trying to gain and maintain control of media so they can control the messages that come from them.

Goldberg book is a controversial one that has dared to ask the questions that cost reporters refused to bring forth during the last presidential election. A Slobbering Love Affair is one of the better books I have read on the subject of media and its effect on society. The book is filled with useful statistics and facts. Goldberg goes over many of the clever things that the liberal media used to downplay the negative things that were said about the Obama campaign. He revealed the liberal biased media for what they were and also wrote ten questions that the American public deserved to know the answers to.


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