Book Report: The Other Side Of Truth by Beverley Naidoo Essay

The Other Side of Truth is an historical fiction novel set on a true narrative. Although all the characters in the book are fictional. three political figures who were existent people. are mentioned within it. It is set in around 1996. merely after an event that ties in with one of these existent people. has come to an terminal. The narrative associating the fictional characters together is purportedly set when talk of this existent life event has died down.

The novel is told in 3rd individual and is chiefly focused on the ideas and actions of the chief character ; a immature Nigerian miss named Sade.

The Other Side of Truth Begins in Lagos. Nigeria with a awful calamity. It begins on an ordinary twenty-four hours. Sade and her younger brother Femi are packing their bags for school. and their male parent. an vocal Nigerian journalist is acquiring ready for work. Suddenly:

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“A shooting. Two shootings at the gate in the early forenoon and a auto screeches off down an avenue of thenar trees”

After the awful loss of their female parent. Sade and Femi find that panic is all around them. Their male parent decides that they must fly their state to England. and travel and remain with their Uncle Dele. At one time. Just the two of them.

Plans for their journey are quickly arranged and they shortly find themselves on the plane to England. under the names of Yemi and Ade. traveling as the kids of a Mrs Bankole. But every bit shortly as they arrive in England. Mrs Bankole deserts them and they are left inquiring the streets of London on their ain.

A immense daze comes. when they are unable to turn up their Uncle Deli. Together. they tramp round the dusty. soiled London streets. seeking to happen topographic point to shelter for the dark. Their big carryall is stolen and they shortly find themselves being taken off by the constabulary. assumed as stealers.

When asked their names. they take their female parents surname. so that the constabulary don’t find out that they are the kids of Mr Folarin Solaja. a adult male whom many Nigerian’s hatred. merely because he writes the truth.

The constabulary shortly realise that they are non stealers and the kids are handed over to the societal workers who fix them up for the dark at a Mrs Grahams. The following forenoon. the societal workers begin to ask about the ground why they were all entirely in the Centre of London. late last dark. Where were their parents? At foremost the kids say nil. non cognizing what to state and what to maintain to themselves. After a long battle. the societal workers eventually pull off to acquire their names and a small information out of them.

It takes a long clip. but eventually the kids are given impermanent admittance to the state. and the societal workers take the kids to the place of Mr and Mrs King whom they are to remain with until they find their Uncle or any of their dealingss.

The kids start to settle down with the Kings. and they both start school. However jobs for Sade are far from over. She is bullied. by two of the misss from school. into stealing from the household of her friend Mariam who is besides African.

All Sade and her brother privation. is for things to be how they were on that forenoon before the decease of their female parent. But now. they ne’er know if they will of all time see their male parent. or any of their dealingss once more.

The Other Side of Truth is a tragic novel that I found. on the whole is really emotional. The characters are really convincing and memorable. They are described as seen through the eyes of Sade and are really realistic.

The writer has named the people who play minor parts in the novel. by the action they did. or what they said in the narrative. For illustration. all we hear about one character is. ” A adult male in a xanthous coat guarded the door. With one manus. he held a Mobile telephone up to his ear. With the other he controlled the waiting line. ” This adult male is non given a proper name. alternatively the writer writes him as ‘Mr Mobile’ . The usage of this naming technique is used throughout the book. It is merely with the chief characters that existent names are used.

Beverley Naidoo has written the novel in a really graphic manner. and it is really easy to visualize what is traveling on at each point in the book in you head. The gap is really strong and will instantly acquire the reader hooked. as it did for myself. Usually it is the gap of the book that decides whether you are traveling to read on or non. and in this book a major event happens in the first chapter. which makes you want to happen out what happens following.

The writer uses many really descriptive transitions and emotional phrases to truly convey you into the book and do you experience that you are at that place sing what Sade and Femi had to.

Throughout the novel. Beverley Naidoo has used flashbacks to something that has happened in Sade’s life in the yesteryear that relates to the narrative at that clip. It might be something that her female parent had said. or something that her male parent had told her. An illustration of this from the fresh follows:

When Sade returns from school on her first twenty-four hours. Aunt Gracie asks her what it was similar and Sade answers. ” It was all right. thank you. ” This was a prevarication and there is so a flash back to something Sade’s female parent had one time said:

“Tell a prevarication. drama with fire. But don’t complain of the fume. ”

The Other Side of Truth is a novel that will appeal to anyone who enjoys historic books with a spot of an escapade. I think it would chiefly appeal to adolescents. but grownups who enjoy an easy read may besides wish it.

I truly enjoyed reading the book. as there was ever something go oning and it was reasonably easy to understand with non many character names to retrieve. so I did non acquire baffled. I found it really emotional and really realistic. The novel is really good written and you can truly acquire into and experience that you are at that place. watching the incidents in the book go on right in forepart of your eyes.


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