Book Report of Alex Rider Scorpia Rising Sample Essay

Alex was brave. respectful. and make bolding.
*He was brave because he goes ace undercover agent working for the MI6 goes on another one of his escapades to halt some deranged power-hungry moonstruck. *He was respectful because he respected anyone older than him. *And eventually. he was make bolding because he dares to kill his two old friends. who are the scoundrel in the narrative.

Character motive
*He was brave because he had the backbones to infiltrate an evil villain’s base. fight work forces that were twice his age. face a close decease experience and a whole batch more. *He was respectful because he ne’er one time asked for money and ne’er complained about being dragged into the universe of descrying. hiting. and aching. Besides something happened ( non in this book though ) that in Crocodile Tears ( the book before this 1 ) Alex decided to chance by playing a card game and won! ! He got 100s of 1000s of dollars merely to give all the money off to charity * And eventually. he was make bolding because in his life he accepted his fate of being a undercover agent. When he was at work he would make bold to travel into the marks office and hazard being seen. And besides can you number the figure of times he went into anguish labs. gunplaies. shark and jellyfish armored combat vehicles. and even merely field walking up to disenable a ticking clip bomb. All in all he is an astonishing cat.

Word picture Alex Rider is a 14 twelvemonth old male child with ‘thin lips. chiseled nose / chin with just hair hanging over his brown eyes in thin strands’ . Since the unexpected decease of his uncle. Ian Rider. Alex has been taking a dual life as a MI6 undercover agent – like his uncle before him ( mention Stormbreaker ) – though non ever nevertheless by pick. ‘Locked into a occupation that would ne’er allow him travel – That’s ne’er stopped you from utilizing me’ . In this book nevertheless. he stumbles upon a secret plan without even intending or being directed to – after a opportunity win in a card game against scoundrel Desmond McCain. Alex thinks that MI6 are utilizing him one time once more and wants them to on this juncture to allow him do his ain picks – though every bit usual this is non how it happens. ‘It was possible that Alan Blunt would hold to assist him – but it would merely of all time on his ain terms… . . it had happened earlier. ’

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Alex’s function in the narrative is cardinal as finally he discovers inside informations of a possible continent destructing secret plan ‘Greenfields has sold 1000000s of seeds to Africans … shortly the taint will hold spread across half the continent’ ( a treatment between Alex and McCain ) and through his speedy thought foils it by blowing up a dike. His actions and escapades hence assist the reader in apprehension and pulling together all the togss of the narrative as it reaches its dramatic flood tide. Without him there would clearly be no narrative to state.

Ocular Entreaty

Alex Rider: Scorpia Rising is about a adolescent named Alex. He is assigned particular missions to take down evil. In this book he has been told to take down one of his most unsafe enemies. Scorpia. Scorpia kidnaps Alex’s best friend and blackmails him into making what he wants. At the terminal. Alex finds his friend and lickings Scorpia.

Ocular Aid of the book

Fictional characters
Alex Rider- Alex is the chief character is the narrative. He is a immature agent for MI6. the British international intelligence service. At no more than 14 old ages of age. Alex was forced into this business after MI6 noticed Alex’s many endowments. He has non merely worked for MI6 but besides the CIA. Scorpia and. in Snakehead. the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. Alan Blunt- Alan Blunt is the caput of MI6 Special Operations. He is an aloof. stolid. and pitiless adult male. Mrs. Jones- Tulip Jones is second-in-command at MI6 and is Alan Blunt’s closest associate. Derek Smithers- Derek Smithers is a supporter who has appeared in all of the novels. every bit good as in the movie adaptation. He creates the assorted appliances for MI6 agents. a function similar to that of Q’s in the James Bond movies.

Razim- He is a former member of Saddam Hussein’s secret constabulary. the Mukharabat and an antique al-Qaeda terrorist who joined the organisation shortly after abandoning Iraq right before its invasion. Julius Grief- Julius Grief is first mentioned in Point Blanc and is besides one of the chief adversaries of Scorpia Rising the ringer of Hugo Grief. Erik Gunter- Erik Gunter is a former Scottish war hero who turned to Scorpia for money. In Scorpia Rising. he is hired to pull strings and finally tried to kill Alex. Zeljan Kurst- Zeljan Kurst is a Yugoslavian man of affairs. the president of the terrorist organisation Scorpia and one of the series’ chief adversaries. Kurst was the caput of the constabulary force in Yugoslavia during the early 1980s.


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