Blood Diamond Essay

Africa was known as “The Dark Continent” during the Victorian Era. believed by Europeans to be a land where even the slightest hint of civilisation tends to fall in under lunacy and savageness. It seems particularly common for Europeans to presume that anyone who ventures into Africa would so drop into an irrevokable province of craze. Such impression was amplified by Joseph Conrad. who. in Heart of Darkness. took Africa as a land so free from moral restraints that no civility could stand from being pulverized by its darkness.

Blood Diamond. dating a hundred old ages after Heart of Darkness. presents a different position. Although the movie seems to faithfully back up the conventional position of Africa as a topographic point that forces its dwellers into lunacy. a closer scrutiny of Blood Diamond shows that. quite the antonym of picturing Africa as The Dark Continent. the movie really rebuts the position by stressing the underlying grace of the land. Blood Diamond sends out the message that instead so being the other manner around. it is the colonisers of Africa who are coercing the continent into its present province of force and lunacy.

Through contrasting between parts of Africa with miscellaneous grades of western influence. manager Edward Zwick shows that Africa without colonisation would be a land of peace and grace. This contrast is established between the word picture of an RUF ( Revolutionary United Front ) central office and an elusive school that lies within the changeless jungles of Africa. Zwick uses costume to stand for western ideals brought to Africa through colonisation when portraying the RUF central office.

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When Danny Archer first gets off the plane to make concern with Commander Zero. the audience is introduced to a group of African adolescents dressed in shockingly familiar looking garbs. Indeed Captain Rambo. a member of the RUF. is dressed in no manner different from any North American male child. His vesture without uncertainty emulates the manner of North American hip-hop coevals. His broad dark glassess. loose-fitting bloomerss. and concatenation necklace all excessively good indicate western influence. It is merely when he holds up a gun that the audience senses a strong smell of sarcasm.

The mobster image that prevails this RUF central office contrasts with a peaceable African community in the thick of the jungle. a community in which the consequence of colonisation is less evident. In fact. Zwick speaks of this community as an “island of sanity” . The term “island” denotes non merely a sense of isolation from the atrociousness of the encompassing universe. but besides a sense of isolation from western influence. It is within this community that a group of kid soldiers are carefully returned to life.

Of these two African communities. the 1 that displays a crave for western ideals is the 1 that rears force and lunacy. whereas the crude jungle described as the really medium of asphyxiation in Heart of Darkness becomes the topographic point where saneness is restored. Through contrasting between a universe greatly influenced by colonisation and a universe that is non yet penetrable to its appreciation. Blood Diamond clearly conveys the thought that it is the white people who are endangering Africa’s graceful psyche with their invasion. and it is the colonisers of Africa who are finally responsible for any force seen at that place today.

Zwick besides uses assorted types of shootings to set up Africa as a graceful land. Although scenes of RUF military personnels perpetrating flagitious force are omnipresent in Blood Diamond. Zwick does non bury to demo what Africa was like before war and colonisation. The usage of maestro shootings frequently precedes any scenes of force in the movie to invariably remind the audience of the olympian view of Africa. Shots of expansive canons. peaceable sundown. and brumous metropoliss once more and once more take the audience’ breath off.

These shootings are images of Africa wholly different from those underlining jobs of poorness and hungriness normally seen in media. thereby are all the more shocking. It is so difficult for one to happen a hint of savageness or lunacy in this landscape. Without these shootings. one would express joy with an air dismissal when Dia says to his male parent “teacher says our state ( Sierra Leone ) was built to be an utopia” . But with these breathtaking images. the audience can non assist but to ruminate over Dia’s belief that “when the war is over. our state will go a Eden.

Apart from utilizing maestro shootings. Blood Diamond besides employs broad shootings to convey similar thoughts. The movie opens with a broad shooting of fishermen working against dawn. In the shooting. the black silhouettes traveling softly yet arduously against the interrupting morning of the sky efficaciously convey a sense of peace. By incorporating assorted types of shootings into the content of the movie in a meaningful mode. Zwick successfully delivers his desire to demo what Africa was like before colonisation. These shootings are cardinal to set uping Africa as a land of peace before its colonizer’s reaching.

Zwick besides conveys the thought that it is the Europeans who are responsible Africa’s present helter-skelter province by examining the different significances of diamond in Africa and in Europe. A character responsible for this bed of the movie is a sadistic RUF mine general– General Poison. Following after the invaluable diamond like an animate being after the odor of carcase. General Poison is depicted as the very bosom of deformation and lunacy throughout the movie. In the prison scene. Zwick’s usage of lighting and color efficaciously turns General Poison into the icon of animus similar to that described in Heart of Darkness.

The prison scene is dominated by a sallow juicy combination of brown. green. and ruddy. making a canvas that is hunted by greed and fright. Here. Zwick plays around with the employment of fluorescence visible radiation to give General Posion the aura of a huffy Canis familiaris as he barks at Solomon Vandy. Yet General Poison reveals something instead amazing near the end– he craves for that diamond non because of greed. like the diamond traders in London. but because he wants to get away his ain inhuman treatment. “You think I am a Satan. but it is merely because I have been in snake pit.

I want to acquire out. and you will assist me” . This is what the general says to Solomon. and the audience learns that he excessively is a captive enduring from the effects of colonisation. General Poison craves for that invaluable diamond non because of the wealth it shall convey. but because it is his lone ticket out. Equally shortly as this is revealed. the audience learns that his diabolic behavior is non the consequence of his native inherent aptitude ; instead. it is the consequence of holding to get by with the values of white work forces. It is white people. the colonisers. who are coercing him into lunacy.

Suffocated by the atrociousness of colonisation. he must move cruelly to liberate himself from his ain lunacy. This internal sarcasm shows that Africa is non a continent with the natural inclination to drive its dwellers into lunacy ; instead. the lunacy seen in the movie is merely the consequence of Africans seeking to get by with the values of their colonisers. In Blood Diamond. Zwick efficaciously combines manner and content to demo that Africa is non a continent of darkness and savageness ; instead. the moral decrepitude seen there today is the consequence of colonisation.

Indeed alternatively of forcing those who venture into its land beyond the boundaries of civilisation. Africa is itself a captive and a sick person. It is with productions like Blood Diamond that the images outlined in Heart of Darkness become progressively relegated from the position of a diary to that of a fiction. It is with productions like Blood Diamond that the truth about Africa is easy revealed. In a manner. Blood Diamond has given Africa a testimony of its grace that is instead long delinquent.


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