Biology presentation Essay

Plants that have been previously grown in the dark are incapable of photosynthesis since they lack chlorophyll and many polypeptides needed for light harvesting.

But once they have been exposed to light, over time, reorganization of the plastic membranes occur and all the required enzymes and proteins needed for photosynthesis appear. So undetectable levels of these proteins suddenly appear and become the most abundant in leaves with the presence of light. The increase of these enzymes are due to increased levels of their corresponding Mrs.. Here’s a funny picture of a plant getting ripped. Let’s Just assume he’s under light.

Enzymes that are associated with growth in maize that are regulated by light are : Chlorophyll alb (LCP), phosphorescently carboxylic (Appease) and 1 – phosphate carboxylic. 1,5 – phosphate carboxylic is composed of two different subunits Lulus and Us. We will refer to these enzymes in the abbreviated forms in brackets. What we will discuss is the schedule of expression of Mrs. for each of these enzymes and what is the relative influence of light on the expression of each enzyme?

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Colon will continue with the methods. Conclusion To conclude, the expression of all these enzymes with the exception of chlorophyll (LCP) are initially light independent with lower levels expressed in darkness. The Rubricate subunits are first to appear in all light conditions in both protein and Mrs. levels. Upon illumination from darkness , all enzyme and Mrs. levels are increased and chlorophyll appears.


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