Controller which help organize cells Essay

Are spread throughout the cell 9. Are also attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum 10. Ribosome are the site of protein synthesis Endoplasmic Reticulum 11. An internal membrane system 12. Lipids, some proteins, and other materials are assembled here 13. Rough ERE has ribosome attached to allow for protein synthesis 14. Smooth ERE has no ribosome to allow for lipid synthesis Googol Apparatus 15. Appears as a stack of membranes 16. Acts like a postman 17. It changes, sorts, and packages proteins and other materials 18.

Also delivers hose “packages” to their final destination Lissome 19. Small organelles filled with enzymes 20. Act as a cleaning crew 21 . They break down lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins so the cell can use them 22. Also break down “old” organelles 23. Also break down unneeded Junk in the cell such as bacteria Vacuoles 24. Sickle structure used for cell storage 25. Stores water, salts, proteins and carbohydrates Mitochondria 26. “Powerhouse of the cell” 27. Converts chemical energy stored in food into a form that cells can use 28.

Has a double membrane 9. One on the outside of the organelle 30. One folded up inside the organelle 31. Contains its own DNA Chloroplasts 32. “Powerhouse for a plant cell” 33. Converts energy form sun into chemical energy during processes of photosynthesis 34. Contains its own DNA Cotyledons 35. A network of protein filaments 36. Helps cell retain its shape 37. Also helps in cell movement 38. Two of the filaments are microorganisms and misconstrues 39. Misconstrues are very important in cell division 40. As well as controller which help organize cells

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