Complex and Organized structure Essay

Unit One Continued Biology is Life and the Living Characteristics of living things Must have Complex and Organized structure based on element carbon Flower (complex and organized) Reproduction and show gene controlled by heredity Camel reproduces and heredity is the traits based on the genes of the DNA Instructions on how to create YOU Crystal reproduces but has no Genes and no control Living things show growth and development Egg cell with sperm to embryo to child 23+23 for DNA Energy Processing Living things take in matter and energy and convert

For example a plant uses carbon, sun, water from molecules of plant and nectar… Humming bird takes sugar for energy Irritability Living things respond to changes in environment When dead no stability Homeostasis- physiological stability (not maintain results in fever) If Diggings adjusted thermostat we would all leave Regulation(homeostasis) Evolutionary Adaptation Natural selection ( sea horse looks like coral to protect from predators) Hierarchy of Bio Organization Biosphere (Planet) Biotic and biotic components Ecosystem Living and non living components Of a particular place (Lake)

Size: determined by biologist Community All LIVING components of ecosystem Population is all members in the community Coral reef-?ecosystem as fish-?community Organisms Individual human Organ System and Organs Digestive systems, tummy, intestine Organ=Tissues Tissues Composed tot cells Organelles Cells of organ system Mitochondria, chloroplast Composed of Molecules Atoms Cells Robert Hook sass’s Wine cork thin slice under microscope saw chambers in slice reminded him of monk cells thus cells Cell Theory (sass) All living things are composed of cells and all cells come from pre exhibiting cells

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Spontaneous Generation is not supported by cell theory Cat is dead and maggots Just appear (not true) Boat in water and barnacles Just appear (not true) Types of Cells Prokaryotic (before nucleus)- found in bacteria NOT TRUE NUCLEUS One chromosome Just inside cell but NO ENVELOPE Eukaryotic cells (true)- found in animals and plants and is a true nucleus What makes it true?

There is a nuclear envelope surrounding the nucleus within the cell Nucleus that is true contains Chromosomes, nucleus, DNA Biological Classification (small to large) Species- composed of populations of organisms whose members interbreeds and are productively isolated from other such groups Ex of isolated: Leper frogs don’t mate with bull frogs (mate within their species) Genus (Genera)- group of closely related species Example: black beer-?species Polar bear, grizzlies (similar to one another-common ancestor) Family-closely related genera Order-group of closely related family With each level there is an increase in species per definition Three domain Systems Largest Category of class Arched- prokaryotic cells (extremities- extreme environments) Bacteria- prokaryotic cells (E. Coli) Eukaryote- eh cells (You and I closer to Arched) Carry- various groups of animals Prosiest-moll, grade, euglena Unicellular resources- “Pretoria” Three kingdoms of Eh Domain Fungi-mushrooms (eh) multi cell, absorptive( take in nutrients..


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