The effect of acid cell Essay

The objective of this lab is to determine the effects of SD, HCI, and Noah on red cabbage cell membrane. Prior knowledge can tell us that the red cabbage is a red-purple color due to a pigment called intoxication. This is what we will be testing in the experiment. We also know that HCI is a strong acid (very low pH) and that Noah is a strong base (very high pH). From information learned in this course (lecture/lab) we can assume that both a very high and low pH will have adverse effect on the plasma membrane. SD (Sodium decoded sulfate) is a detergent.

From our back-round information we can learn that soaps and detergents tend to solubility the lipids of the cell membrane causing cells to else. So overall we can assume that all three are going to cause the plasma cell membrane of the red cabbage to break down. Which one, Hoc/Noah/SD, will have the most adverse effect on the plasma membrane? I believe that the acid will have the most effect, then the base, then the detergent (most effect on membrane and highest average absorption). Methods: 1 . The first step of the experiment was to determine the amount of each (acid, base, pap) we would need to use to obtain the desired concentrations.

We used the formula P x C = Pix C. 2. Next we prepare the red cabbage leaf discs buy using a hole puncher to punch out holes in the cabbage. We need 4 leaf discs per test tube, therefore we needed a total of 52 discs. Once the discs were made they were allowed to stay in a beaker of distilled water for about 10 minutes. 3. Next we tested the plant cell membrane integrity. We prepare ml test tubes containing: 4 discs, 20th, and a calculate amount of either HCI, Noah, or SD (refer to step I-will also be in results). The discs then sat for 30-35 minutes.

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The acid has the most effect n the plasma membrane. The acid destroys the membrane more and therefore more of the intoxication leaked out causing it to have a red color. The absorbency result for the acid were higher than the others. Although the base had an effect on the plasma membrane it was not as significant as the acid. The detergent did destroy the membrane but overall had a lower absorbency. “The effect of acid on the cell membrane.


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