Biology Ib Hl Paper Essay

It is used to make sugar-free milk. It hydrolysis lactose to glucose and fructose. It improves the digestion of milk by some people. It decreases the acidity of the milk. 8. What will be produced water TAP Ill. Ethanol I only I and during aerobic respiration? II only II and Ill only 1,11 and Ill Which graph best represents the photosynthesis of a plant? A. B. Rate of photosynthesis effects temperature on the rate of Rate tot o 100 Rate of 0 100 photosynthesis Temperature / COCO. D. Rate of photosynthesis lymphocyte contain? Co 10.

Whatever the nucleus of a human Only the genes to produce a specific antigen Only the genes to produce a arrange antibodies 0 100 Temperature / Co Only the genes that control the growth and development of a lymphocyte The whole genetic information for a human – 7 – 11. What’s chronic villous sampling? A. B. C. D. Sampling cells from the placenta Sampling cells from the fetal digestive system Sampling fetal cells from the amniotic fluid Sampling stem cells from the umbilical cord How is red-green colour blindness inherited? 12. A. B. C. D.

Girls inherit the condition from their fathers only. Boys can inherit the condition from unaffected parents. Boys inherit the condition from their fathers only. Girls inherit the condition from their mothers only. 13. To produce artificial erythrocytes for use in blood transfusions, tobacco plants have been genetically modified to produce human hemoglobin. The first three triplets of the human hemoglobin gene are: TAG GTAG CAT What would be the first three triplets of the hemoglobin gene inserted into the genome of the modified tobacco lands? A. B.

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What’s weasel shown opossum weasel the energy transfer I in the food web quail deer mouse meadow mouse kangaroo rat chaparral plants bevel trot the kangaroo orator the below? Bobcat roadrunner gopher snake D. Three times greater than the energy transfer from the roadrunner to the bobcat Half the energy transfer from chaparral plants to the meadow mouse Quarter of the energy transfer from the quail to the bobcat Approximately the same as the energy transfer from the meadow mouse to the opossum 15.

Which of the following effect? Ill. Argon I only II only I and II – 9 – 16. Why has antibiotic B. C. D. All bacteria reproduce gases will contribute to the greenhouse A. B. C. D. L. II. Oxygen Nitrous oxide only 1,11 and Ill resistance evolved in bacteria? Very quickly. A. Bacteria exposed to antibiotics developed a resistance to them. Varieties of bacteria resistant antibiotics reproduce fastener non-resistant varieties. Bacteria showing resistance to antibiotics survive after antibiotics are used. 17. Which tax degeneration ruminant and Corinthian polygene share?

A. B. C. D. They share the same class but not the same family. They hare the same species but not the same class. They share the same class but not the same genus. They share the same family but not the same species. 18. Whatsoever distinguish Plainclothes from Annelid? Plainclothes A. B. C. D. Segmented body non-segmented body bilateral symmetry no bilateral symmetry Annelid non-segmented body segmented body no bilateral symmetry bilateral symmetry – 10- 19. What’re the names of the diagram below? I A. B. C. D. Increase sentimentalist gall large intestine pancreas stomach organs labeled I and in the bladder esophagi liver 20. Where in a cell are antigens found? A. B. C. D. In the clues In the cytoplasm In the plasma membrane On the surface of the Googol apparatus -11- 21. Which feature maintains a high concentration gradient gases in the ventilation system? A. B. C. D. Thin-walled alveoli Thin-walled capillaries A moist lining the alveoli Blood flowing in the capillaries 22. Watches the formation of a nerve impulse on the post-synaptic membrane?

A. B. C. D. Ca+ binding with a receptor sites+ leaking into the post-synaptic membrane Neurotransmitter binding with receptor sites Neurotransmitter being removers the synapse 23. What’s the difference between the origin type I and type II diabetes? Type I A. B. C. D. Caused by an autoimmune reaction occurs in adults only too much insulin secreted caused by dietary problems Type II target cells fail to respond to insulin starts in childhood too little insulin secreted cause – 12- De bony dietary doctors 24.

The hormones progesterone and L were measured in a woman’s blood over 40 days. Whinnied Progesterone / pick-3 20 L 25 Time,’ days 30 35 40 A her menstrual bleed start? Key: 35 30 25 / MGM-3 151050 0 progesterone 5 10 15 20 How does transcription of RNA proceed? 25. 5′ in exogenously


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