The important carbon-carbon forming reactions Essay

In general, collation reaction is one of the important carbon-carbon forming reactions. It belongs to the reactions of the Enola derived from a carbonyl group tit an electroscopic carbon such as Aledo, Classes, Michael reaction and allocation of metal emulates [6-9]. The collation reaction as well as above other reactions of emulates has serious limitations to be overcome. In these reactions, a strong base Noah is needed to transform the carbonyl compounds into their anion forms. Generally, the carbonyl compounds such as ketene and alluded have high peak values (peak -? 20) [1].

It is difficult to make their – anion forms of carbonyl compounds by removing the hydrogen’s on the a-carbons because of their weakly acidic heartsickness. Therefore, the product yields of collation, allocation, and an Aledo condensation are low and unwanted side reactions occur (Figure 1). In order to avoid side reactions, a good nucleoli needs to be produced under mild reaction conditions. The rationale for selecting an amine to satisfy the above condition is that it is easily allocated, especially more C-allocated than N-allocated as shown in Figure 2.

The amines found most generally useful are pyridine (reaction of ketene amines with alkyl halides and electroscopic olefins), morphine (collation sections, electroscopic olefins with ketene and alluded amines) and pyridine (electroscopic olefins with alluded amines) [3,4]. The rates of formation of amines are affected by two factors, the basilica and sterile environment of the secondary amino group and the nature and environment of the carbonyl group [3].

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Of the secondary amines used, pyridine gives a higher reaction rate than the more weakly basic morphine, while cyclic amines generally produce amines faster than open-chain ones [5]. In this study, an amine as organically is reacted with acetic anhydride to synthesize 2- extemporaneously by collation trot acetic anhydride as carbonyl compound. T purpose of this study is to see if an pyridoxine amine can increase the product yield by avoiding side reactions (Figure 1) with short time. Figure 1. The side reactions shown in the collation using base.

Corresponding Author Tell : 062-940-5564 E-mail : [email protected] AC. Kerr t Figure 2. Neoclassicists on nitrogen (I) and carbon (II) due to the hybrid structures an amine. 281 282 Nun-Sunroof 2. Experimental Section 2. 1 . Preparation of Amine Amine of cellophane was prepared by the usual isotropic procedure [1 ,2]. 3. Ml of cellophane (MM=91. 1), 15 Ml of toluene, and 0. 1 Goff p-dulcification acid moderately, 4. 0 Ml of cooled pyridine (MM=71. 1, g/Ml), and a boiling point were added to a 100-Ml Erlenmeyer flask. The mixture was heated under reflux for 30 minutes.

Then it was distilled by simple distillation with a receiving flask in an ice bath until the temperature of mixture reached 108-ICC (BP of toluene). The product (amine) was cooled to room temperature [1 ,2]. 2. 2. Preparation of 2-Extemporaneously 3. 2 Ml of acetic anhydride (MM=102. 1, d=l . 08 g/Ml) in 0. 5 Ml of toluene was added to the flask with he amine product. The flask with the mixture was capped with a stopper and then placed in a dark place for 12 hours. After that, 5. 0 Ml of water was added to this mixture, and it was heated under reflux for 30 minutes.

After the mixture was transferred to a separators funnel, the toluene layer was washed with 10 Ml of 6 M hydrochloric acid. Then the organic layer was extracted after it was washed with 5. 0 Ml of water and dried by adding 1. 0 g of magnesium sulfate. The most of toluene in the organic layer was removed by simple distillation and evaporated in a water bath (ICC) using a stream of dry air. . 5 Ml of liquid was remained [1 2. 3. Column Chromatography The crude product (liquid) was dissolved in 2. 5 Ml of methyl chloride and purified by column chromatography using methyl chloride as a mobile phase and alumina as a stationary phase.


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