Wyatt Transgenic Company Essay

The connection between what Wyatt Transgenic Company does, and the reference to the comic “The Swamp Thing” is, that they both have to deal with organisms that undergo some sort of manipulation. “The Swamp thing is an example of this. (Page 64-65) 3. The meaning of transgenic is when an organism is altered by having a gene from another species transferred into it. (Page 64) 4. The scientists make the animals develop the desired proteins by, putting original human genes in to the animals causing them to express certain human therapeutic proteins in their milk.

We don’t make any trouble. We don’t steal things or kill people. We don’t take the good jobs. Why do you want to kill us? ” because all the things he said are true, and he is just trying to improve the research and reduce the disabilities for people like him. In his mind he is making the world a better place, and I think that that is a good thing. (Page 244) 13. If I were in Else’s position I would be tested, because I would want to live my life to the fullest. I would rather have my parent’s do what Else’s parents did Hough, and get tested as a child with out me knowing, and then find out later.

The reason I would chose this, is because I would not want to live with out knowing, but I would also want to know so that I could do all the things I would not be able to do with the disease. (Page 169) 14. Dry. Wyatt made sure that Ova’s baby would be negative for Huntington disease by, having Ova undergo hormone therapy to produce a clutch of eggs. Dry. Wyatt then harvested them and looked for ones with out the HAD gene, and then with Ova’s husband they fertilized the eggs and placed them in her. Biology By academically

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