Side-effects or medical risks Essay

The economic benefits to Tamil planning are Just as important and attractive. 3. For many couples, child-rearing is a drain on financial resources. By spacing and/or limiting their children, parents and their children will be able to enjoy a better standard of living. 4. Family planning methods involve the use of contraceptive (birth control) which are essentially methods of preventing pregnancy by reducing the likelihood of fertilization or implantation. These methods are described in Table 4. 5 Data and discussion Method Description Procedures advantages disadvantages

Prevention of ovulation 1. Oral contraceptives 2. Contraceptive implant Oral contraceptives(a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone) Incapable contraceptives (a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone injected intramuscularly at monthly intervals or longer Contraceptive implant (soft, flexible, capsules are inserted under the skin of the upper arm. These release synthetic estrogen and progesterone continuously) Slightly increased risk of hypertension and/or thrombosis (blood clot lodged in a vessel supplying an organ) May have irregular menstrual bleeding.

Fertility may not return for 6-12 months after contraceptive is discontinued. Irregular menstrual bleeding; requires small incision in arm Prevention of implantation The DID DID(leant-uterine device is a loop or coil made of copper or plastic) Morning after pill(contains high level of estrogen) do not nave to remember to take pills. Periods become light or stop altogether. Cramps, possible menstrual discomfort; must be inserted by trained practitioner. Side effects of high doses of estrogen are not known. Prevention of gamete fusion The female condom The male condom

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Female diaphragm (a dome-shaped sheet places over the the cervix; best used with spermicidal) Female condom (thin rubber sheath with two elasticized rings. One is inserted into the vagina and the other left outside) Male condom (sheath of thin rubber rolled onto erect penis prior to intercourse: best used with spermicidal) Spermicidal (cream, Jelly or foam which is inserted into the vagina to kill sperm) there are no serious medical risks or side-effects. Condoms help to provide protection from sexually transmitted infections. Must be inserted before intercourse and left in place for several hours

Must be inserted before intercourse May reduce sensitivity of pen’s; could break Messy to use; occasionally causes irritation Natural methods Rhythm-refraining from intercourse during fertile period (when ovulation occurs) Coitus interrupts(penis withdrawn prior to ejaculation) no side-effects or medical risks. Not reliable; not suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles Requires self discipline Permanent methods/ sterilization Vasectomy (vegetarianism are cut and tied) Tuba legation (fallopian tubes are cut and tied) You do not nave tot ink n turner about contraception Irreversible


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