Number of birds Constant Essay

Hypothesis If there are native and non-native birds in this habitat, then there will be more native birds because these native birds live in wetlands, and strive in this ecosystem. Procedure Independent Variable: Habitat/conditions Dependent Variable: Number of birds Constant: Location (Popular Marsh) 1. Do background research on the Marsh (what types of species there are) 2.

Print out pictures of the bird species labeled with their names so they can be identified them at the site 3. Identify which birds are native and non-native 4. Make a table, listing all of the bird species to log down as species are seen 5. Use binoculars and printed pictures to identify birds that are seen 6. Count the birds in sight and log them down on the table, making sure that it is the correct species (tally) 7.

Analyze data What I measured: The number of native and non-native birds at the Popular Marsh How I measured: Counting number of birds according to their species name, and tallying it Safety measures: Don’t go too close to the birds, wear sunscreen, bug repellent, bring water

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In September of 2012, about 26% of the birds were non-native while 74% were native birds, and in October of 2012 about 23% of the birds seen at the marsh were non- native and about 77% were native. Variables that were difficult to control were the birds, because not all the birds in the marsh were seen by individuals who were collecting data on the birds. It’s possible that there could have been more birds than the data that was collected. Future modifications that could be made in the procedure to improve this experiment would be to have more than one individual collecting data, so there would be a few people collecting data at the marsh in one day. Future, related studies that could be conducted is how invasive species affects the number of native birds.


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