Homeostasis Energy processing Growth Essay

Lecture Presentations for Biology Eighth Edition Neil Campbell and Jane Erect Lectures by Chris Roomer, updated by Erin Barley with contributions from Joan Sharp Copyright 2008 Pearson Education, Inc. , publishing as Pearson Benjamin Cummings Overview: Inquiring About the World of Life ; Evolution ; Biology Response Evolutionary to the environment adaptation ; Life is recognized by what livings things do ; Biology consists of more than memorizing factual details Order ; Themes help organize biological information

Reproduction Regulation/ Homeostasis Energy processing Growth and development Theme: New Properties Emerge at Each Level in the Biological Hierarchy The biosphere Cells Biomass Organs and organ systems Ecosystems cell Organelles Communities Atoms Tissues Molecules Populations Organisms Emergent Properties ; Emergent Properties: result from arrangement and interaction of parts within a system

The Power and Limitations of Reductionism ; Reductionism: breakdown of complex systems to simpler components more manageable to study – Example: the molecular structure of DNA Understanding biology balances reductionism with the study of emergent properties – Example: new understanding comes from studying the interactions of DNA with other molecules Systems Biology ; System: combination of components that function together ; Systems biology: constructs models for the dynamic behavior of whole biological systems ; Systems approach poses questions such as: – How does a drug for blood pressure affect other organs? How does increasing CO alter the biosphere?

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Theme: Organisms Interact with Environments, Exchanging Matter and Energy ; Every organism interacts with its environment, including biotic factors and other organisms ; Both organisms and their environments are affected by the interactions between them – Example: a tree takes up water and minerals from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air; the tree releases oxygen to the air and roots help form soil Ecosystem Dynamics ; Energy exchange between an organism and its environment often involves energy transformations


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