Bill performance enhancing drugs as he claimed

Bill Romanowski was a NFL pro football player born on April 2, 1966 (51 years old). He was known as a dirty player in the NFL as he got into fights with teammates and spat on other players. He also won four Super Bowls and had two Pro Bowl appearances. All of his accomplishments seemed to be overshadowed by poor decisions. Romanowski never was caught for using performance enhancing drugs as he claimed he used things “that weren’t on the list” (Rome Ep.1 Seas 3). He never thought that he was doing anything wrong because as soon as the drugs he was using went onto the prohibited list he switched to other substances. Romanoski claimed that the drugs never gave him an advantage on the football field, he claimed that he outworked every other player in the league. In this interview with Jim Rome he also claimed that he was scared of losing what he had in the NFL and play until he was 40. The wanting to play until he was 40 aligns with his use of Human Growth Hormone as many athletes take HGH for quicker and improved recovery rather than to increase size. However, he admitted to using both anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormone. Apparently in 1995, Balco Labs performed a test on Romanowski showing that he had low copper levels. According to Balco Labs, low copper levels are an indicator of steroid use. It is likely that Romanowski used steroids for recovery as he played in 243 consecutive games. He claimed to use a huge variety of different supplements and vitamins which he kept in his “tackle box.” The box usually used for fishing he filled with vitamins and supplements. As mentioned earlier he usually just transitioned from substance to substance as they were placed on the banned substance list by the NFL. 2Statistically, only four out of his 16 seasons stand out as anomalies. Between 1990 and 1993 he recorded over 75 tackles each season eclipsing many of his other seasons by over 15 tackles. However, in 1994 the NFL started to record the statistic of assisted tackles. Previously all assisted tackles were credited as solo tackles. This skews statistics so that it seems like his earlier years were more productive. Arguably his best season was in Denver in 1996 where he had only 56 solo tackles, but 21 assisted tackles. Teammates said that Romanowski was using stimulatory drugs as early as 1992 or 1993. There is a decent chance that he was using some sort of illegal substance every year in the NFL. The stimulants were most likely to increase his focus or drive on the field in order to gain an advantage over other players. He also pushed stimulants on his teammates to provide the same sort of advantage for them.Romanowski also tried to provide advantages for his teammates legally. He bought $10,000 worth of exercise equipment for the Denver Broncos so that he and his teammates would have access. This equipment in his mind prevented injuries and were better than what the Broncos currently had. He promoted nutrition to his teammates and enforced team breakfasts as others were sometimes walking to practice in the morning with McDonalds. His mind was in the right place for most of the measures that he tried to enforce with teammates.The way Romanowski initially got noticed by coaches for being the craziest linebacker out there. He claimed that his coach at Boston College only noticed him on kickoff duty because he ran so fast down the field that he outran the kick returner and couldn’t tackle him. This was his reputation throughout his football career. It is hard to maintain a crazy mindset on the field for so long without the help of some sort of recovery method and/or substance to keep him wired during the games. Romanowski also claims that performance enhancing drugs were commonplace in the NFL he was just one of the few that came out about his use. This tarnished his career after the NFL as he could not find any sort of coaching job based on his association with PEDs.


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