Bilibid experience Essay

My whole visit at Billed was really fun! The prisoners are very good. All of their performances are very entertaining. They are very good at dancing, singing, acting, everything. Many have already told me about what I am going to see at Billed, but when I finally saw their performances, I realized that I gave myself very low expectations about them. What I saw was beyond all my expectations. I was also surprised to see good looking prisoners there ha. I got regrets when I saw them.

The inmates are good comedians too. Watching them makes me feel like as if I’m not in a place with metals bars and prisoners. You will really see that they enjoy what they are doing and it is what makes me happier. One on one interaction with an inmate is what makes me nervous the most. Not only because I am going to talk to a person who made a crime but also because am not ready for the questions that am going to ask him. I am not really prepared. My inmate partner was from Logo city. He was just 18 when got detained at Billed.

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He was sentenced to live in prison for 15 years. He is now 23. He came from a poor family. He was salesman in a hardware store before. I asked him about how often does his family visits him. He told me that it was rare. I saw the sadness in his eyes when he answered me. I then asked if how he maintains the communication with his family. He said they were hiding a cellophane inside the prison. He was even using it when he wants to open his faceable account! He told me to please not tell anyone about it because it is prohibited o have personal cellophane inside.

I just said okay. I brought my inmate two pieces of chicken, spaghetti and a chocolate. He was so happy when gave him the chocolate that he even boasts it to his inmate friend. I regret that I only bought one. He only ate the spaghetti. He reserved the chicken for dinner. He told they were only served chicken when it was Christmas. We talked about so many things about his life inside and outside the prison. It was sad hearing all those things about him. Seeing us watching them s what gives them hope.

I didn’t know that am actually helping them in that very simple way. All my thoughts about them have changed when I finally meet them. We must not generalize their personality as harmful and dangerous as whole because we don’t know the story of their life. Many of these inmates have changed and transformed into much better person. They are even better than those people outside living freely. We must give them the chance to prove themselves. Not seeing them for who they are but who they can be. Give them hope.


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