Best Bums, a Controversial Competition Essay

Cambridge University students have bared all and once again caused a stir on campus. Students from Cambridge have opened the finals for their controversial ‘best bums’ competition. Twelve students, six male and six female have continued the bum craze that Kim Sardinian has recently sparked by opening voting for the final of the competition formally know as ‘Rear of the Year’. The students bare their rears in scenic photos on the campus grounds and around Cambridge city. The pictures are accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek moment where they play onto their well-known smarts.

One naked undergraduate student dressed as Kim Sardinian did in her most recent shoot ‘breaking the internet’. He wears black gloves and pearls and his picture is quoted “Kim thinks what her publicist tells her to think. ” Each student has their name and field of study above their picture, along with their humorous comment below, giving an insight into the intelligent mind of a Cambridge University student. Mark from Pembroke reading Zoology stands in a field in front of a very confused bull.

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His picture is quoted: “Marc believes that the evolution of the carbon concentrating mechanism in eukaryotic algae coincided with the evolution of the land plants and the resultant drop in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration . 0 The competition has sparked controversy in the past, from feminist groups and societies. Amelia Horror, woman’s officer at Cambridge University students union says: ” At the moment Katie from Sidney Sussex reading English, who stands on the roof of her college dressed only in blue stockings is leading the competition with 47 per cent of the vote.


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