Bend It Like Beckham Essay

An important event near the end of the film “Bend it Like Beckham” directed by Gurinder Chadha was Jess’s final football match. It was important because it was the climax of the film. Jess’s dream was to be a professional football player. Jess’s culture and tradition were in the way of achieving her dream. In order to achieve her dream she had to use deception. Verbal and visual features such as camera work, symbols and music were used throughout the film to show that the event was important. Jess is an Indian girl that lives in London with her parents and sister Pinky.

Jess’s dream was to be a professional football player. Her parents wanted Jess to be a traditional Indian women and a solicitor. Jess had to use deception if she wanted to achieve her dream. The idea of deception was shown visually with cross-cuts between Jess in Germany and her father looking at Jess in the picture in the newspaper. In the cross-cuts there was a close up shot of Jess’s father to show that he felt angry because Jess lied to them. Jess knew that her parents will not let her play football.

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This was shown verbally when her mother said “what family will want a daughter in law who can go around kicking football all day but can’t make round chapattis? ” The match in Germany was important for Jess because it was a step forward in achieving her dream. The cross-cuts that represented the idea of deception showed that the final football match would be an important event. When Jess’s parents found out that she had been playing football secretly they were angry at her. Jess’s final football match was on the same day as her sister’s wedding.

Jess as an Indian girl should be happy that there is going to be a wedding and you think she would be more traditional like the rest of her family but she is not. The final football match was very important to Jess and she had to choose between her family and her dream. She chose not to go to the match and her father realised how unhappy she was and he let her go. “If this is the only way I’m going to see you smiling on your sister’s wedding day, then go. ” While Jess was going to the match there was a low angle shot of a plane flying which symbolised Jess going to achieve her dream.

The use of symbols showed that the final football match will be important. During the game Jess got tackled and was given a free kick. In the wall of players (in front of the goal) Jess saw her mother, sister and grandmother wearing their saris which symbolised that her culture and tradition were in the way of achieving her dream. Jess had to bend the ball past her tradition and culture if she wanted to achieve her dream. Before Jess was about to take the free kick there was a high angle shot of her which made her look small and alone.

Also the music was “Nessun Dorma” with the last line saying “vincero” which means I will win. Jess kicked the ball and the bending of the ball was shown with a slow zoom of the ball which meant the film was slowly coming to its climax. The ball went into the goal which symbolised that Jess finally reached her dream. There were cross-cuts between the wedding and the match. In the cross-cuts Jess was lifted by her team-mates and Pinky was lifted by Teetu to show that it was the climax of the film as both sisters achieved their dreams, Pinky to get married and Jess to be a football player.

Jess’s father realised that football was the most important thing to Jess and he let her go to USA to play football professionally. “I don’t want her to make the same mistakes her father made, of accepting life, accepting situations. I want her to fight and I want her to win. ” In conclusion the final football match was important because it was the climax of the film. The visual and verbal features used in the film like the cross-cuts between Jess and her father and the music and the symbols used in Jess’s final football match showed that the event was important.


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